What lubricant do I have to use?

To lubricate the treadmill, it is not valid with any type of oil or lubricant. Many of the treadmills come with a sample so you can use it in the first sessions. We recommend that you use SALTER lubricants. You can buy them in our online shop.

lubricantes para engrasar cinta de correr
How to apply the lubricant?

You just have to follow these steps:

  • If the treadmill has a deposit, you just have to fill it.
  • If you do not have a deposit, you must lift the treadmill belt on one side, and apply the lubricant between the board and the belt. It is important that you lubricate the area of the front of the belt.
  • Once applied the lubricant, start the treadmill running at low speed. Keep the treadmill running for 2 to 4 minutes. Thus the lubricant extends perfectly over the entire board.

When to lubricate?

That depends on the use you make to the treadmill, the weight of the user, the number of users, the training time and the temperature of the place will influence directly.

Many of our treadmills, warn you on the monitor when you must lubricate. If your model does not have a sneak, consult the instruction manual. You will find an orientative table.

How much lubricant to throw?

If you lubricate to much, the excess will go spitting the belt on the sides. However, keep in mind to clean excess surplus of the sides to avoid stains on the floor, fill the engine with oil and the most dangerous, avoid a fall.