Purchase terms

1. Ownership of the domain www.salter.es

2. Purpose and scope of application

3. Service availability

4. Information furnished in the website

5. Liability of salter.es

6. Customer and user obligations

7. Placing of orders

    7.1 User Registration

    7.2 Finding an item

    7.3 Adding an item to the shopping cart

    7.4 Validation of the order

    7.5 Payment

    7.6 Order Confirmation

8. Shipping costs

9. Assembly

10. Shipping terms

11. Insurance

12. Product availability

13. Returns

14. Warranty conditions

15. Applicable legislation. Jurisdiction




En cumplimiento de la Ley 34/2002 de Servicios de la Sociedad de La Información y del Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE), te informamos que la titularidad del dominio de nuestra tienda online, www.salter.es, is the property of COMERCIAL SALTER, S.A., a company legally incorporated in Spain with Tax Identification Number A-08544298 and filed with the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, in volume 3834, book 3180, page 40298, folio 187, section 2, entry 1 (hereinafter salter.es). Please send all queries by e-mail to SALTER at the following address: comercial@salter.es or call +34 902400640.

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The purpose of these general conditions of purchase is to regulate the availability of the information furnished in the online store salter.es, and commercial transactions arising between salter.es and users of the domain www.salter.es. Browsing in the online store and the purchase of any of the products offered therein entail the user’s unreserved acceptance of each and every one of these general conditions of purchase. Salter.es may modify the website in order to make any changes and modifications it considers appropriate and deems necessary for the correct functioning thereof, without prior notice.

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Our website only processes shipments to mainland Spain. The delivery of products to the Canary or Balearic Islands is expressly excluded, as well as shipments of orders to other countries. In the event of being interesting in products for the Canary or Balearic Islands, please call +34 902 40 06 40 or +34 93 470 00 55 if calling from abroad.

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In the event of typing errors existing, which are, in all cases not intentional on the part of www.salter.es, they will immediately be corrected. If a substantial typing error exists in any of the prices shown which indicates a considerably lower price than the habitual price of the product and a customer has decided to purchase the item based on that error, we will inform the customer and he will have the right to cancel his purchase at no cost. The sending of an automatic purchase confirmation will not validate the conditions of the erroneous price.
Likewise, on occasions the website contents may show provisions information about certain products. In the event that the information furnished does not coincide with the product characteristics, the customer will be entitled to cancel the purchase at no cost.
The images published may not necessarily coincide with the products sold, but are given merely as a guide, and the product description given is binding, pursuant to current law.

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The products displayed in the website are compliant with Spanish law.
The products displayed in the website are compliant with Spanish law. Access to the website is voluntary and consequently, the responsibility of the user, who will be held liable for all direct or indirect effects arising from the use made of the website, including, by way of example and without limitation, all adverse economic, technical and/ or legal effects, and failure to meet the expectations generated by our website. The user is obliged to keep salter.es safe from any claims arising directly or indirectly from such effects. Salter.es declines all liability for harm caused due to interference, negligence, interruptions, computer viruses, failures and/or disconnections in the operative functioning of this electronic system or in the computer appliances and equipment of users, due to causes not imputable to salter.es which prevent or delay the provision of the services or browsing in the store, or cause delays or blocking in use due to faults in or overloading of the Internet or in other electronic systems, or make it impossible to provide the service or permit access for reasons not imputable to salter.es, caused by users, third parties or Force Majeure events. As a general rule, Salter.es does not control the use made of its website by users.

In particular, in no case will salter.es be held responsible for ensuring that its website is used in accordance with the law, these general conditions, ethics and generally-accepted best practices and public order, or that users make use of it in a diligent and cautious way.

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In general, users are obliged to comply with these general conditions, and to heed the special warnings or instructions of use set out in those conditions or in the website and in all cases, to act in accordance with the law, best practices and the requirements of good faith, applying due diligence and refraining from using the website in any way which could prevent, damage or deteriorate its normal functioning, the assets or rights of salter.es, its suppliers, other users, or in general, any third parties. Minors are not allowed to access and use the website without the express consent of their parents. Salter.es declines all liability for the veracity and accuracy of the information provided by users and cannot therefore confirm their real age. In particular, and without this implying any restriction whatsoever to the terms of the above section, in using the www.salter.es website, users undertake that they will:

a) Furnish truthful information about the particulars requested in the user registration form, or in placing the order, and keep such particulars updated.

b) Not enter, store or diffuse any information or material in or from the website which is libellous, injurious, threatening, racist, incites violence and discrimination based on race, gender, ideology, religion or which is in any way contrary to ethics, public order, fundamental rights, public freedoms, the honour, privacy or image of third parties and in general, current legislation.

c) Not enter, store or diffuse through the store website any programme, data, virus, code or any other electronic or physical device that may cause damage to the website, to any of its services or to any of the equipment, systems or networks belonging to salter.es, any other user, the suppliers of salter.es or in general, any third party.

d) Diligently keep the "login" and "password" provided to them by Salter.es, assuming responsibility for damages that could be caused by the improper use of the same.

e) Not carry out any advertising or commercial activities through the website, and not use the contents and information of the website to send publicity or messages for any other commercial purpose or collect or store personal data belonging to third parties.

f) Not use any fake identities or steal the identity of others in making use of the website or in using any of its services, including the use of passwords or access codes belonging to others or any other similar methods.

g) Not destroy, alter, use for their own gains, render useless or damage the data, information, programmes or electronic documents of Salter.es, or its suppliers or of any third parties.

h) Not enter, store or diffuse through the store website any content that infringes the intellectual, industrial property rights or trade secrets of others, or in general, any content which they have no right to make available to third parties, pursuant to the law.

Customers undertake to allow the delivery of the requested order by providing a delivery address to which the requested order can be shipped during normal goods delivery hours. In the event of breach of this obligation by the customer, salter.es declines all liability for delays or for the impossibility of delivering the order requested by the customer.

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To place an order, it is necessary to connect to salter.es and register as a user or buy as a guest by filling in the on-line form that is shown in the website at all times, and follow the instructions set out in that form.

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To find an item you can use filters or use the sorting criteria. Once you have found the item, you can have more information by clicking on its name or on its image. Thus you can access to the product card where you have the detailed characteristics and price.

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From the product card, click on the ADD TO CART icon to add the item to the shopping cart. Once in the cart, you can continue shopping or complete your order with the products included. During checkout, the cart is always visible in the upper right part of the page so that at any time you can remove an item from the cart or change the units.

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After registration and to proceed with the purchase of the products added to your cart, you must complete the form and validate it. Validation of the order by the customer entails the express knowledge and acceptance of these general purchase conditions.

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Salter.es offers you different payment methods to allow you to select the one that best suits your needs:

Payment by Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and DinersClub. In the event that the POST returns the rejection of the card, the order will automatically be cancelled and the customer will be informed by e-mail of the cancellation. As an alternative, you may pay by bank transfer. For security reasons, salter.es reserves the right to not accept certain transactions made by credit card. In the event that the order is cancelled after collecting the amount, the amount collected will be refunded to the credit card against which the charge was made. In such cases, if the customer is interested in continuing to purchase the articles, he may repeat the order by selecting bank transfer as the payment method.

Payment by Transfer: You may make a transfer to the following account:

Beneficiary: COMERCIAL SALTER, S.A. 
Account Number: 0081 5262 42 0001009005
IBAN CODE: ES04 0081 5262 4200 0100 9005

It is very important that you always enter the order number you will be given on completing the order in the CONCEPT field. Salter will not ship the order until it has received the transfer.

You have a term of 2 business days to order the transfer after placing your order. The order will not be considered effective until we confirm receipt of the funds and the delivery term will therefore start on that date.

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After making the purchase and within the shortest possible time, in all cases no later than 24 hours after making the purchase, the salter.es Customer Service department will send you confirmation of the purchase by e-mail. If you do not agree with the information set out in that confirmation, you may ask for it to be modified or for the contract to be cancelled. Print out or keep this e-mail in case you have any queries about the status of your order.

COMERCIAL SALTER, S.A. will issue a physical invoice which, once the order has been dispatched from our warehouses, will be sent to you by e-mail. COMERCIAL SALTER, S.A. informs you that it cannot make any subsequent modifications to the bills of sale, pursuant to current law. The invoice will be issued in the name of the individual or company placing the order, and so the customer must make sure that the order is placed under the correct name. No subsequent changes are possible.

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Shipping and/or handling costs are not included in the price, and they will be shown to you for your express acceptance before completing the purchase process, depending on the shipment address on each order.

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Assembly costs are not included in the price and they will be shown to you for your express acceptance before completing the purchase process. Not all items require assembly.

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Salter estimates that your order will reach you within no more than 10 business days. The delivery date will be indicated on the order confirmation e-mail. If we are unable to meet that delivery term, our Customer Service department will contact you to let you know, and confirm or cancel the order.

The transport company will contact you at the telephone number indicated in the order to arrange for the delivery of the goods. Before signing the transport company delivery note, you should make sure that the package/s has/have not been tampered with or no apparent damage has been caused to that it/them. If you observe any incidents, record them on the delivery note and if you consider it appropriate, do not accept the goods.

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All the items we ship are insured for their total value against loss, theft or damage.

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Salter has a stock of products sufficient to allow it to offer you all its goods in a maximum term of 10 business days. Nonetheless, in the event that we are unable to fulfil that delivery term, our customer service department will contact you to inform you and confirm or cancel the order.

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- The maximum term for returning the products is 15 calendar days from the receipt of the order.

- Before returning or changing a product please submit the return form you will below to the following e-mail address online@salterfitness.es

- All products to be changed or returned must be returned with their original packaging and labels intact, properly packed in their original boxes and correctly protected. The item to be returned must be in the same state as the one in which it was received, which will be determined by our appraisers.

We consider there are two reasons for returning a product; either the customer does not like it or the product shipped is damaged or incorrect.

- If the reason for the return is due to a fault or damage to the product, or because it does not coincide with the purchased product, Salter will pay the costs of the return and reship the product to the recipient. The transport company will contact you to arrange for the returned goods to be picked up.

- If the product is returned based on the personal reasons of the customer (they may not like it or it may not suit them), the customer will pay all the costs incurred in returning the goods and send the item/s to: COMERCIAL SALTER, S.A. Calle Lluis Millet, 52 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). On receiving the package, Salter will confirm the correct state of the product and refund the amount of the returned article(s) (excluding the costs of the first shipment) within 10 days of receiving it/them.

If the goods are rejected by the recipient without giving a reason on the transport company delivery note, Salter will not pay the costs of reshipping the product. In this case, the amount of the returned item(s) will be refunded, but not the shipping costs.

Download the return form


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All the SALTER, products, with the exception of wear parts*, are guaranteed to customers subject to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

1) The warranty term is 2 years for parts and 1 year for travel and labour costs, effective from the date of purchase indicated on the bill of sale or delivery note if the latter has a later date.

2) The warranty may be executed in all European Union member states.

3) The warranty may be claimed directly from the store selling the product, pursuant to the terms established by current law.

4) To execute this warranty it is necessary to present the bill of sale or delivery note if the latter has a later date.

5) Customers may also claim the warranty directly from the manufacturer, who will respond in the event of lack of compliance and repair or replace the product within the terms and limits stipulated by the law.

6) This warranty refers only to final consumers and is not transferable.

7) The warranty covers repairs or corrections of damages or faults encountered in the equipment which are proved without doubt to correspond to manufacturing or factory faults. All parts which, after checking, have faults in their materials or manufacture will be repaired in accordance with the conditions set forth in the manufacturer’s general conditions of sale. Complete modifications are only possible if this is determined by SALTER's technical service.

8) This warranty will not apply in the event of failures, faults or damage caused by: a) faults in operation due to negligence; b) incorrect use; c) using the equipment, which is designed for household use, for professional purposes. d) handling of the product by persons not belonging to SALTER's Technical Service; e) in the event of replacing original parts with others not supplied by the manufacturer; f) adaptations or changes made to enhance the product that alter the characteristics described in the user manual without the previous written consent of the manufacturer; g) external factors such as moisture, sweat, poor environmental conditions, saline or corrosive environments (caused by pools or similar), improper use of chemicals, etc. that could cause damage to paint and chrome plating; h) wear due to normal use of the appliances; i) causes not attributed to the product and arising from failing to heed the recommendations given in the user manual; j) the effects of external agents such as flooding, fire, earthquake, etc.; k) potential damages caused to the products during transport due to causes not attributed to SALTER.

9) This warranty will not apply if the product serial number has been altered, deleted, disappeared or is illegible.

10) The spare parts supplied by the manufacturer and the repairs made are guaranteed for 6 months, provided the installation of these parts is supervised by the manufacturer or by authorised technical staff.

11) SALTER declines all liability for damages caused to people or property as a result of improper use, lack of maintenance, negligence in handling or lack of professional supervision with respect to the articles sold.

12) The manufacturer reserves the right to make repairs in its own technical service workshops or in the customer’s home.

*Wear parts are guaranteed for 6 months (parts, travel and labour costs). The term “Worn parts” refers to all parts, assemblies and components subject to wear due to actions by the user as a result of being handled directly by the user or parts that are handled (such as upholstery, pedals and components, saddles, markers, emergency stops, bands, switches, control panels, etc.)

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All sales/purchases made through the www.salter.es website are subject to Spanish law. In the event of any dispute or discrepancy arising regarding the interpretation or application of these contractual conditions, the Courts apprised of the matter will be those responsible for dispensing the applicable legal provisions regarding competent jurisdiction for dealing with the matter, in the case of final consumers, in the place in which the obligation must be fulfilled, or in the place where the party making the purchase resides.

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