For intense use, this equipment has a self-generated power supply system with electromagnetic resistance, so it does not require a connection to the network. High rigidity reinforced steel structure. 20 resistance levels. Wide and comfortable seat and backrest. Adjustment lever that allows you to position the seat at the desired distance. Large adjustable LED control panel for comfortable reading with indicators of Time, Distance, RPM, Speed, Level, Calories, Pulse and Watts.


  • Professional useProfessional use
  • Control buttons on handlebarsControl buttons on handlebars
  • 20 Resistance levels20 Resistance levels
  • Adjustable colour displayAdjustable colour display
  • 20 Resistance levels20 Resistance levels
  • HRC ProgrammeHRC Programme

Professional use

Designed to withstand the most intense use at gyms and sports centres.

Control buttons on handlebars

For easy use during exercise, there are control buttons on the handlebars, allowing you to slow down without having the press the control panel.

20 Resistance levels

It has 20 resistance levels that allow you to slowly down little by little.

Adjustable colour display

It prevents reflections on the screen so that you can see clearly.

20 Resistance levels

It has 20 resistance levels that make it very consistent when slowing down the intensity.

HRC Programme

Among many other programmes it incoporates Constant Pulse Control. This means the machine automatically adapts itself to keep the pulse rate within the selected range.

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