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The ESSENCE line is a full series of strength machines, benches and supports designed following new fitness trends. They are compact, safe, comfortable, easy to use and beautifully designed. The design of defined lines and elegant curves works in harmony with technology and functionality.

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The ESSENCE series, without a doubt, stands out for its well-elaborated lines and elegant curves. However, the softness of its forms contrasts with the strength of the frame that  is manufactured with a 150×150 mm tubing with minimum thickness of 3 mm. In addition, its design has avoided as much as possible junctions and welding which make possible a solid structure and a level of robustness beyond the usual. In its manufacture, quality raw materials have been used, for example steel of national manufacture,  stainless steel for rods of the sliding plate and for the goniometers of the adjustment, antifriction nylon caps for the weight plates, anodized aluminum for the adjustment knobs to prevent rust, handles of extreme grip with anti-odor rubber and without pores to avoid the entry of sweat and its deformation due to use, overdimensioned cable that supports 5 times the load to lift manufactured with 7 braidings of 19 threads (each braiding with a polyamide bath forming one single structure), transmission shaft with hardening heat treatment in order to prevent breakage and torsions, stainless screws, top quality bearings of German brands and driving wheel with ball bearings. The FIBABS wheels are made of a compound material that is highly resistant to friction and with a diameter adapted to the characteristics of the cable which guarantees its maximum durability.  The paint of the frame is top quality (polyester powder 200 degrees with minimum thickness of 120 microns) consistent with what is required of a weight machine. It should be highlighted that it is very difficult to scratch, easy to clean and it has been treated to avoid rust and also the welding points have been specifically protected.


All the ESSENCE machines have a QR code providing the user with a direct access to a video description of the exercise and of the adjustments of the machine. The machines feature a strategically located tray situated in the superior part of the machine where the users can store their personal belongings such as mobile phones, keys, bottles, etc. while they are training. This simple detail offers visual order at the same time as it frees the floor from users’ belongings during the exercise preventing stripping and the feelings of disorder. To achieve the optimum function, SALTER adapts the weight of the plates (the weight to lift) according to the function of the muscle that is trained in each of the machines that use plates of 2,5; 5; 7 or 10 kg. With the exception of pulleys, the weights are situated on the right side of the machine which makes it possible to choose the weight comfortably and without the need to move from the training position. The design of the ESSENCE machines allows the users with reduced mobility to use the machine. The elimination of elements and possible barriers has been considered in order to improve the accessibility of the machine to users of reduced mobility. The machines that work the upper torso have a convergent or divergent range of motion that imitates the natural movement of the human body, avoiding stress placed on the joints and enabling greater definition of muscular work. The ESSENCE series of multi-pulley machines is modular and allows to configure the type of outputs according to the needs of each setup.

Design and customization

The uniformity of the height of the machines at 157cm makes the training room uniform and elegant at the same time as it frees it from obstacles that would disturb the general vision of the space. In its design the size and volume of the machines have been taken into account. Considering the importance and value of space, SALTER has designed machines with necessary volumes, so that any user, regardless of their size, can work perfectly and the space occupied by the machine is the minimum necessary. In addition, SALTER offers the ESSENCE personalization system that allows decorating the fairings of the machines making each installation unique and with its own identity. In addition, the upholstery is available in more than 10 different colors. The seams in intense red, with thread thicker than usual, provide eye-catching and great finish to the set.


The ESSENCE series stands out without doubt for its design, however, SALTER has developed each of the machines giving absolute priority to a perfect ergonomics in order to cover the largest number of users and to get the correct position of work in the execution of each exercise. The machines of the ESSENCE series have been designed biomechanically in order to achieve optimal training. They are suitable for users with a height between 1.40 and 2 meters regardless of their weight. The multiple adjustments of seats, backrests, support pins, push pins, mobile grips, rotary grips and multifunction grips allow to adopt the correct working position according to the needs of each user. The adjustment of seat is done by means of a gas piston that facilitates the adjustment of the working position. Thanks to this adjustment system, we can get multiple adjustment positions that allow the user to find the correct working position. The design of the eccentrics, the key piece for the perfect execution of the exercise, stands out. The eccentric of each of the ESSENCE machines has been exclusively designed according to the muscle to be exercised, allowing the correct execution of the exercise while isolating the rest of the muscles and avoiding injury. The user’s postural position on the machine is essential for a complete and healthy exercise. For this reason, all seats and backrests are ergonomic and modular, respecting the anatomy of the user. The seats and backrests are key pieces in offering a correct ergonomics in the product. They are made of injection of polyurethane (foam), a material that adapts to the pressure exerted by the user during the exercise, recovering its initial

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