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– Combining two machines in one: Multipower and Dual Motion (functional training).
– Two separate towers of vertically adjustable pulleys in 30 positions and Multipower bar.
– Adjustable double pulley system that allow exercises with complete freedom of movement, varying the position of the body while exercising.
– Work load variation system which allows a large range of movement on either side and perform them at high speed without loss of strength in any point of the trajectory (muscle strength workout).
– Upper handles for pulling exercises.
– Pull-up bar.
– Includes accessories to increase training options: individual handles, power belt, specific bat for golf and baseball exercises, handle rope and ankle.
– Workload: 75 kg per tower.
– OPTIONAL: Bench with quadriceps / hamstring extension.
– Dimensions: 145x152x220cm.

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Use Light-commercial use, REGALO 3 MESES SUSCRIPCIÓN APP
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