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Wireless retro illuminated console with indicators of pulse, speed, RPM, time, calories and distance. Suitable for ref. PT-0054, M-050 and M-055.

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The frame is protected from anti-oxidation by cataphoresis in order to prevent the damage that sweating can cause for the frame. The internal mechanism is protected from the entry of liquids and external manipulation by its double fairing, reducing the preventive maintenance needed.  The screws are made of stainless steel in order to prevent rust. The seat post and the handlebar, both vertical and horizontal, are made of aluminum to avoid rust and possible failures in the adjustment.


The seat, special for indoor cycling and anti-prostate, is very comfortable for both women and men. The ultra-resistant rods include an anchoring system of 5 spots on the right side that prevents any type of deformation and imbalance. The double function pedals guarantee a great resistance and durability due to heat treatment. The well-balanced 20mm aluminum flywheel generates a smooth and fluid movement. The bottom bracket and the 20mm Cr-Mo steel flywheel shaft incorporates a hardening heat treatment that makes it greatly durable and easily maintained; these are components that are key for the function of any indoor bicycle. In addition, the SKF 6004 bearings offer a level of quality required by one of the best indoor bicycles in the market. The Hutchinon chain drive guarantees a continuous movement, completely silent and without maintenance.


The model M-060 includes a backlighted VC3 control monitor that doesn’t require batteries or connection to the network and it is designed to prevent any filtering of sweat or other liquids. It has a system of wireless capture (at radiofrequency 5 kHz) that allows for a convenient control of pulse during high-intensity training. The easy to use monitor provides constant information on the basic indicators of exercise: time, speed, average speed, distance, RPM, average RPM, calories, watts, the level of braking (32 positions). The monitor includes the system Color Monitor Control: in the front part of the monitor there is a warning light that shows in different colors the watts one is producing, allowing the trainer to keep track during the session.


Correct position is essential for an effective practice. That’s why the bicycle has several adjustments that allow for an optimal position for users of height between 1,40 and 2,05 meters. The seat and handlebar adjustments are vertical and horizontal with a display and the anchoring system uses a pressure knob that allows an easy and to the millimeter adjustment to meet all users’ needs. The multi-grip handlebar allows for different gripping positions, increasing the amount of exercise positions, one of which, the road cycling position, is not frequently found in indoor cycling bicycles.

Use Home use, Commercial use
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