¿Which type of exercise is best for me?

If your goal is to improve your physical condition, to feel better and to activate your body, cardiovascular exercise of moderate intensity is without a doubt a good option for you. For that type of exercise, we have three different key machines that might help you: the elliptical, treadmill and bicycle.

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The most complete exercise… the ELLIPTICAL!

The machine that gives us a comprehensive exercise of the whole body. We train legs and arms through a coordinated movement that is very similar to Nordic walking. Abdominals, back and trunk, as well as glutes, legs and arms are activated in this type of training.

I prefer a classic… the TREADMILL

If you are one of those who love to go for a walk on different types of terrains and, why not, jog or run when the body asks for it, treadmill is your device. You can adapt the effort to your level by adjusting the speed and the inclination of the carpet. The cardiovascular exercise par excellence.

Intensive training for legs and buttocks… BICYCLE for me!

As many of us learned years ago: “The one who moves the legs, moves the heart.” The bicycle is one of the best options to improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, tone glutes, thighs and gastrocnemius, define the muscles of the legs and for people with ankle, knee and hip problems who can’t perform high-impact exercises.

Maximum intensity: INDOOR CYCLING

These bikes are designed for cardiovascular training, strengthening with strong changes of rhythm as well as resistance when cycling standing on the pedals. What makes them different from stationary bicycles is their greater complexity and accessories that enable them to provide sensations similar to those of pedaling outdoors in mountain areas.

Train at home and meet the objectives

No need to have a gym at home

Contrary to what you may think, through home training you can achieve ambitious goals. From gaining muscle mass, losing weight, recovering from muscle injuries or improving performance. It is not necessary that you have a gym at home, because there are many exercises that can be performed without any machinery and only with some accessories. A rubber band, a fitball or a set of weights will allow you to complement your training in an incredible way.

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