Global customer service

We bring all our experience to each project with the aim of offering each client the option that best adapts to their needs. Maximum quality and service are our prerequisites. Constantly working to fulfill these values, Salter has established itself as a benchmark in the sector.

Get a customized proposal

Customized service and technical advice

After studying your project, our technical team will offer the option that best suits your needs, space and budget.

Custom financial solutions

We offer custom financial solutions so that you can make your project come true.


Courses for personal trainers, technicians and monitors to help you get the most out of your equipment.

After-sales service

We offer a global technical assistance service and supply original spare parts. In addition, with our preventive maintenance service, your installation will always be in great condition.

Adaptability of products

Technology applied to the product

Only a manufacturing company can offer great solutions. Salter, in collaboration with companies in the field of medicine and health, develops projects aimed at the medical and rehabilitation sector.

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