As manufacturers of gym machines we know the needs of our customers and that is why we manufacture machines that are adapted to the day-to-day demands of your business. We not only look for the best solution for fitness professionals, but also for all those people who love the sport and who want to have their own training zone also every day. With this objective from Salter we offer different lines of gym machines depending on the final customer.

What makes our gym machines special?

For fitness professionals we offer ranges as special as: Essence, a series of machines that stand out for its elegant design. In its manufacture, high quality materials have been used. In addition, in this line we have taken into account certain highly demanded characteristics that make Essence a very special gym machines.

Its ergonomics has been one of the priorities in order to cover the largest number of users and get the correct position of work in the execution of each of the exercises. Another key feature is the functionality, since all machines incorporate  pictograms about the exercises that can be carried out there and a QR code with free access to the descriptive video of the exercise and which also shows the different regulations of the machine for a correct working position.

Technology is not only part of our day to day through mobile phones or tablets, but it has also reached the world of fitness to stay and improve our training in a didactic and decisive way.

Finally, security is another fundamental point in a line like Essence. It is for this reason that we design all gym machines with preventive measures as protectors so that all those who will use it can do it in a safe way and without having to think about anything other than doing their exercises.

Special services for your gym machines

Apart from these features we also offer customization services for our Essence gym machines.

Being a manufacturer allows us to offer exclusive solutions to our customers. We know how important your brand image is. Therefore, we offer exclusive details that allow each project to have its own identity.

In addition, if you have any questions or problems we offer a technical assistance service worldwide. We supply original spare parts and, with our preventive maintenance service, your facilty will always be ready. If you want to discover all our range of products for professionals, visit our website and see what Salter can do for your project.