Warranty terms

In accordance with the RD law 7/2021 of April 27th amending the law of consumers and users, all SALTER products, except wear parts*, sold from January 1st, 2022, are guaranteed to the consumer under the following conditions. Operations carried out before this date will be governed by the previous law.
1) The warranty term is 3 years, effective from the date of purchase indicated on the bill of sale or delivery note if the latter has a later date.
2) The warranty may be executed in all European Union member states.
3) The warranty may be claimed directly from the store selling the product, pursuant to the terms established by current law.
4) To execute this warranty it is necessary to present the bill of sale or delivery note if the latter has a later date.
5) Customers may also claim the warranty directly from the manufacturer, who will respond in the event of lack of compliance and repair or replace the product within the terms and limits stipulated by the law.
6) This warranty refers only to final consumers and is not transferable.
7) The warranty covers repairs or corrections of damages or faults encountered in the equipment which are proved without doubt to correspond to manufacturing or factory faults. All parts which, after checking, have faults in their materials or manufacture will be repaired in accordance with the conditions set forth in the manufacturer’s general conditions of sale. Complete modifications are only possible if this is determined by SALTER’s technical service.
8) This warranty will not apply in the event of failures, faults or damage caused by: a) faults in operation due to negligence; b) incorrect use; c) using the equipment, which is designed for household use, for professional purposes. d) handling of the product by persons not belonging to SALTER’s Technical Service; e) in the event of replacing original parts with others not supplied by the manufacturer; f) adaptations or changes made to enhance the product that alter the characteristics described in the user manual without the previous written consent of the manufacturer; g) external factors such as moisture, sweat, poor environmental conditions, saline or corrosive environments (caused by pools or similar), improper use of chemicals, etc. that could cause damage to paint and chrome plating; h) wear due to normal use of the appliances; i) causes not attributed to the product and arising from failing to heed the recommendations given in the user manual; j) the effects of external agents such as flooding, fire, earthquake, etc.; k) potential damages caused to the products during transport due to causes not attributed to SALTER.
9) This warranty will not apply if the product serial number has been altered, deleted, disappeared or is illegible.
10) The warranty will not apply if the user has not carried out the periodic maintenance tasks indicated in the instruction manual.
11) The spare parts supplied by the manufacturer and the repairs made are guaranteed for 1 year, provided the installation of these parts is supervised by the manufacturer or by authorised technical staff.
12) SALTER declines all liability for damages caused to people or property as a result of improper use, lack of maintenance, negligence in handling or lack of professional supervision with respect to the articles sold.
13) The manufacturer reserves the right to make repairs in its own technical service workshops or in the customer’s home.
*Wear parts are guaranteed for 6 months (parts, travel and labour costs). The term “wear parts” refers to all parts, assemblies and components subject to wear due to actions by the user as a result of being handled directly by the user or parts that are handled.
Specifically, the following will be considered wear parts according to product family:
STATIC AND INDOOR BICYCLES: pedals, toe straps and pedal cleats, drive belts, grips, seats, button panels, adjustment knobs, housings, power supply/transformer.

The warranty terms and conditions for SALTER products may be consulted at www.salter.es
ELLIPTICALS AND ROWERS: drive belts, grips, footplates, button panels, adjustment knobs, housings, power supply/current transformer.
TREADMILLS: transmission belts, running belt, grips, pushbutton panels, adjustment knobs, folding aid pistons, safety clamp and cable, housings, 220v power supply cable.
STRENGTH AND MULTIFUNCTION MACHINES: cables, upholstery, handles, adjustment knobs, housings.

Download warranty conditions from 1st January 2022
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