When we talk about flexibility, we refer to the ability of our muscles to elongate and subsequently return to their initial position. It is a super important aspect, in fact, in the routines of the world's top athletes, a wide range of daily exercises to work on this ability is always included. However, most of us who are involved in the Fitness world are not sufficiently aware of the multiple advantages that good flexibility can bring us: Improves physical performance. Flexibility training is a key factor if you want to experience an improvement in your physical performance. Having flexible joints gives you a greater range of motion when moving. At the same time, this helps reduce the risk of injury. Most professionals agree that elasticity reduces the stiffness of tissue structures, and with greater extensibility of these structures, the chances of getting injured during activity are lower. The best way to work on flexibility is through stretching, and this increases blood supply and nutrient circulation to joint structures. When we stretch our muscles, the temperature of our muscle tissue increases, as well as our circulation and nutrient transport. All of this is beneficial because it allows us to have a greater range of motion and reduces the possibility of joint degeneration. You will recover faster from fatigue! After an intense workout session, if you have recently started exercising and previously had a relatively sedentary routine, muscle stiffness and accumulation of metabolic waste may be some of the main discomforts you will notice. Good flexibility helps improve these issues by increasing blood flow to the muscles, eliminating waste substances, and speeding up the process of replenishing new energy substrates. Static and slow stretching that promotes flexibility reduces muscle soreness post-exercise. It also allows us to improve muscle balance and posture. In most cases, body posture adapts to the effects of gravity and/or poor postural habits. Therefore, stretching realigns soft tissue structures, reducing the effort required to maintain good posture in both daily activities and additional tasks. So, you can see how important it is to have this ability, as it can bring us a lot of benefits and prevent our body from experiencing negative effects after our workouts. If you feel like working on your flexibility, you can check out all our elastic material from Salter... You'll find everything in our online store!

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