Indoor stationary bike

Moving the spinning class from the gym to your living room. This is the goal we set in this practical training aimed at improving endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular function. Below, we show you a routine with the four key exercises on indoor stationary bikes that will help you stay fit from the comfort of your home.

  1. Sprint round

This is a high-intensity exercise that must be approached with a warm-up and some prior stretching. Once we get on the bike, we start the ride moderately for 5 minutes. From there, the session truly begins, which involves, for one minute, 20 seconds of pedaling at maximum speed and the remaining 40 seconds at a more relaxed pace. It is recommended to repeat this round at least twenty times.

  1. Seat lifts

One way to strengthen the quadriceps and the entire thigh-opposing area is by carrying out a good set of seat lifts. Once we have started a smooth and steady ride on the bike, we hold onto the handlebars tightly and intensify the pedaling for 30 seconds, keeping the glutes about ten centimeters from the seat and the back slightly inclined forward. To do this exercise correctly, you must bend your knees slightly and focus most of the force on the lower limbs. A 10-minute routine will be more than enough.

  1. 20/10 Alternation

If, in addition to burning calories, we want to improve blood pressure, our indoor bike sessions must include an alternation routine. After the necessary warm-up, it's time to start the exercise. This involves no difficulty; it is a cycle alternating 20 seconds of moderately intense pedaling and 10 seconds of gentle pedaling. The key is to repeat each of these cycles eight times, then rest for 60 seconds under a very relaxed pace. After the break, repeat each cycle four times and return to the warm-up ride.

  1. Resistance period

Finally, we focus the session on increasing our endurance capacity. For this, we turn to a long-distance exercise that requires concentration and perseverance. It involves maintaining a 60-minute pedaling session with some variations. We start the journey at a medium speed for 20 minutes and then switch periods by increasing the pace every 5 minutes until completing the hour. Leg power is guaranteed. Indoor stationary bikes

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