We know that it's never easy to find the perfect gift, especially during Christmas time when the list grows longer than on any other date of the calendar. With the arrival of these special days, we have set out to create a small list of the five products that every athlete should have in their routine, whether they have previous experience or are just starting out in the world of fitness. This is a commitment to quality of life designed to improve daily performance.
  1. Aerobic Bar PT-064.
First, we have a versatile aerobic bar with non-slip grips that also includes an elastic band at each end. Its function is to work on strength in different positions, always combining legs with arms in exercises and playing with the flexibility of the bands. This bar is very useful for gaining muscle in the limbs and improving flexibility through a wide range of exercises. One of its attractions is that it does not require elaborate assembly.
  1. Elastic band with handles PT-089.
Another standout gift is undoubtedly the elastic band. It is an item that offers a wide variety of routines, allowing for intense movements of both arms and legs. In this case, the band comes with a pair of handles specially designed for constant fixation and maximum power. Toning and overall body performance are guaranteed.
  1. Women's fitness gloves E-252.
The use of gloves is essential when one aims to perform exercises correctly. Gloves are the athlete's great ally when it comes to improving grip, which is crucial when handling dumbbells and other weight machines. These Salter brand gloves are equipped with a synthetic leather palm that helps prevent slipping. Likewise, their reinforced seams provide extra durability.
  1. Leather-spandex gloves E-236.
If the previous model is not enough for you, the same brand offers a type of glove made of leather with a pressure wristband for a more precise fit.
  1. Balance Trainer L-082.
Finally, we come to one of the most effective accessories for developing balance and flexibility. The bosu is a semicircular ball with tensioners on the sides designed to perform exercises involving the whole body. By including a movable base, the movements are aimed at counteracting instability, thus strengthening the muscles involved. Which one will you give this Christmas?

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