You don't need to go to the gym to train. To be in shape and achieve truly positive results, it is no longer essential to enroll in any specialized facility. By gathering the necessary equipment and maintaining a good level of discipline, it is possible to set up your own gym at home, with all its advantages.

In sports centers, there are a large number of machines and other accessories that meet the needs of their users. At home, it will not be necessary to have all of that, with a few accessories you can set up a home gym to get in shape.

Opting for this option represents a significant saving of time and money. Time is another variable to consider. With a home gym, you avoid having to travel anywhere and be subject to schedules that may not necessarily fit well with your daily routine.

In this way, you gain autonomy and freedom of movement. Similarly, it also adds the ability to prepare the environment completely to your liking, from the music to the decoration.

6 products to set up a home gym

Now that's cleared up... What equipment do you need to train at home? At Salter we offer a wide variety of products to set up a home gym.

Thus, the first item to include on the list is a good set of dumbbells, we recommend our adjustable PX-090 dumbbell up to 24 kilograms in weight.

This is an item that incorporates an ergonomic grip and a special coating that does not damage the floor. Perfect for changing weights according to your goal and exercise.

Dumbbells allow us to train strength and perform a variety of exercises to improve the muscle tone of our entire body.

PX-090 dumbbell for setting up a home gym

Another accessory, which is also perfect for the home, is the PX-200 suspension set for suspension exercises. In this case, we will invest in safety and choose high-density polyester straps specially designed to support heavy weights, which are also equipped with a metal carabiner that helps reinforce the anchor.

Suspension set for setting up a home gym

To enhance aspects such as strength and mobility in different muscle groups, we will select a complete resistance set. Our PX-030 model comes with a pair of padded handles, a pair of ankle weights, and an anchoring system that can be installed on any door. A perfect accessory for setting up a home gym.

Resistance set for setting up a home gym

Pull-ups will be done with the PX-716 multi-grip pull-up bar. Its fastening system with 6 anchoring zones and safety pins allows for loads of up to 120 kilograms. The pull-up bar allows us to work mainly on the upper body and is an affordable tool that takes up little space.

setting up a home gym with a pull-up bar

Another accessory to set up a home gym is the fitball PX-084. This exercise ball has a 65-centimeter diameter and is made of high-quality PVC. Ideal for yoga, pilates, and balance routines.

fitball for setting up a home gym

Finally, to do your cardio sessions at home, we suggest an indoor bike; in our online store, you will find a wide variety. With it, you can do spinning sessions and burn many calories, as well as improve your cardiovascular system.

We recommend the Indoor Bike Stone PT-1590, which offers great features that will make you enjoy the workout and achieve maximum performance in your sessions. Its reinforced structure provides great stability even when working at an intense pace.

We have shown you some products that you can buy to set up a home gym and get in shape without the need to travel. However, in our online store, you will find many other perfect accessories such as resistance bands, ankle weights, parallel bars, punching bags, etc.

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