To do a full body workout at home, you don't need to have access to a big gym or a lot of equipment. Nowadays, you can do a complete workout from home by acquiring relatively inexpensive items such as elastic bands. If you didn't know them yet, resistance bands will become your best allies when it comes to working out at home. Among the advantages they offer, we can find their affordable price, the small space they take up, and the versatility they provide when it comes to training.  

Why exercise with resistance bands?

There are many reasons why you should consider this type of training. "Salter" is a surname in English., Yes, I can. Purchase your elastic bands here Resistance bands are a good option for those who do not have a large space to create a home gym. They are items that will help you save space as they take up very little room when storing them, and you can also take them anywhere. Another advantage is that, in addition to being able to perform a full-body routine with them, they will allow you to work more specifically on a particular point of your body. With them, you will be able to give a new twist to your routines to avoid falling into monotony and boredom, which are the main reasons why people abandon training.   7 Exercises for a full body routine with resistance bands: Next, we are going to show you 7 exercises to train your whole body with resistance bands, perfect to include in your workout routine or to do in a circuit. You can comfortably do them at home: Exercises with elastic bands to work the upper body
  • Shoulder opening
We start in a standing position and grab the resistance band with both hands at both ends. Then we place our arms stretched upwards over our head, keeping hold of the resistance band. The movement will involve gradually opening the arms while controlling the entire motion, without arching the back or leaning the arms. Ejercicio con banda elástica
  • Rowing
This exercise can be performed in different ways. While standing, you can choose to step on the resistance band or attach it to a sturdy surface such as a door handle. Starting from a half-squat position, we will perform a pulling movement and try to keep the elbows as close to our body as possible. At the end of the movement, we will try to bring both shoulder blades together to intensify the exercise.
  • Triceps extension
To perform this exercise with a resistance band, you can do it standing or sitting, although keep in mind that if you do it standing, you can work your core better while avoiding swaying your back. If you want to do it standing, you will have to step on the resistance band with both feet and hold both ends with the same hand. You should pass the resistance band behind your back. Once in position, you will perform a full extension of the resistance band over your head. Exercises with resistance bands to work the lower body
  • Squat
You can do different types of squats with resistance bands. One option is to open your legs and place the resistance bands above your knees. You will have to lower your body while feeling the tension generated in your legs. Another option is to place the bands above your shoulder blades and hold them tightly with your hands to prevent them from sliding down when doing squats. Ejercicios para entrenar todo el cuerpo con bandas elásticas
  • Glute bridge
It is a good way to work the glutes. You can do this exercise in two different ways with a resistance band. Lying on the floor with your legs bent, place the resistance band above your knees and do the bridge exercise feeling the tension in your legs. Another option is to place the resistance bands on your hips and push with your heels.
  • Lateral lunge
To perform a lateral lunge with a resistance band, we must place our feet slightly apart, a little more than the width of our shoulders. We will have to create a triangle with the resistance band so that we grab both ends with our hands and step on it with our feet. Slide one foot to the side in a lunge motion. As you descend, you will notice the tension in the band increasing. You can also perform this exercise by placing the resistance band above the knees or around the ankles (depending on the resistance of the band).
  • Butt kick
The glute kickback is an exercise that can be done with resistance bands to effectively work the glutes. You should get on all fours on the floor and hold both ends of the resistance band with your hands, while placing the other part of the band on the sole of one foot. You must maintain your balance and extend the leg with the resistance band as if you were kicking. You will feel the tension of the band in the leg. So, you have been able to see some of the many exercise possibilities that resistance bands offer us. These super versatile tools will help you complement your workout routine or target specific muscle groups. You just need to use your imagination and adapt them to your usual exercises. Are you ready to try these 7 exercises with resistance bands?    

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