What benefits does a good gymnastics horizontal bar provide and where can I buy the best one for me?

Training with bars offers a wide range of benefits to athletes. It is important to note that lifting your own weight is by no means an easy task, so it is an exercise that notably increases resistance and mobility. Additionally, various exercises can be performed on the horizontal bar that balance strength and improve concentration. The muscles in the back and abdomen benefit from this type of training. This makes it much easier to improve posture and avoid back pain. Of course, to benefit from exercises on the gymnastics horizontal bar, it is essential to find a good one, like the ones you can find at Salter.

Gymnastics Horizontal Bars at Salter

At Salter, you can find a wide range of gymnastics horizontal bars like the 220 CM LIFTING BAR. D-2922. This is a chrome-plated fixed lifting bar made with top-quality materials that guarantee maximum efficiency during workouts. It has a length of 220 meters, designed for large spaces. The bar's diameter is 50 centimeters and includes a set of fixings. You can also purchase the B-2236 BICEPS BAR at our store. It is a high-quality fixed lifting bar with long durability. The length is 109 centimeters and it weighs 7 kilograms. In this case, the bar's diameter is 30 mm. To perform complete and varied exercises, the bar includes a set of spring rings. Lastly, we want to highlight the 50 MM DIAMETER WAVY BAR. D-2936. This is a wavy gymnastics fixed bar that includes fixings and has a diameter of 50 mm. We invite you to visit Salter on our website where you will find a wide catalog of gymnastics horizontal bars made with the best quality materials available. For any questions or inquiries, we will be happy to assist you :)

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