If you want to tone your body at home, you can choose to do dumbbell workouts at home without the need to go to a gym. The current circumstances we are living in are pushing us to equip ourselves at home with basic materials for physical training. Among these, dumbbells should not be missing, as they will help you perform a series of exercises to strengthen and define your muscles. Dumbbells will help you increase physical effort during your exercise routine, and you can progressively achieve this.

Advantages of doing exercises at home with dumbbells

On a material level, one of the advantages of doing exercises at home with dumbbells is that they do not take up much space, are easy to store, and you can choose the appropriate size and weight according to your own needs. When doing a workout with dumbbells, we will develop strength in a joint and balanced manner, exercising both large muscle groups and stabilizer muscles thanks to their free movement. It will allow us to maintain a greater balance between the body parts, as we will train each area equally by lifting the same weight with each of them. Additionally, this tool offers greater ergonomics when doing exercises. You only need to have a pair of dumbbells to perform a variety of different exercises from home, keep reading to learn about the different options you can have.

exercises to do at home with dumbbells

Exercises to do at home with dumbbells

Upper body and core exercises to do at home with dumbbells: You can do back, chest, shoulder, biceps, and triceps exercises with dumbbells at home. It's a simple workout routine that you must learn to control the technique. Some of these exercises include: Flat bench press, Incline bench press, One-arm and two-arm rows, Pullover, Arnold press, Side raises with inclined trunk, Alternate curls, Pronated grip curls, Triceps extensions, French press, and Alternate lifts. And for the core area, you can do the following abdominal exercises with dumbbells: Ab wheel rollouts, Leg raises with a dumbbell between the feet, and Rotational crunch with a dumbbell between the hands. Lower body exercises to do at home with dumbbells: To train legs at home with dumbbells, you can do the following exercises: lateral lunges, Unilateral deadlift with a dumbbell in each hand, Jump squats, Hip thrusts, and Seated calf raises with dumbbell positioned on the knees. Where to buy dumbbells for home training? At Salter, always at the forefront and a leader in fitness equipment, we have a wide range of dumbbells for both professional and home use. Regarding the benefits of the latter, we can say that they are vinyl and completely ergonomic, they also offer a variety of colors and weights. They range from 1, 1/2, 2, 3, and 5 kilos. Their quality and comfort when using them will facilitate their use for proper training of different muscles in the body, you just have to choose your routine according to your own goals and you will be ready to start.

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