Although it's always a good time to start a powerful dumbbell routine, the arrival of Christmas presents the perfect scenario for it. During this time, we tend to intensify our feasting, cross the alcohol threshold, and lead an entirely sedentary life that the holiday season serves us on a silver platter. To counteract the effects of these indulgences to a greater or lesser extent, it's advisable to set aside a daily slot to exercise our bodies. Below, we present you with the four key exercises to perform with rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) dumbbells that will help you tone and build muscle in a matter of weeks.  

  1.   Globet Squat

We start the journey with squats. To perform this exercise correctly, it's necessary to grip the dumbbells vertically, place them close to the chest, keep the back straight, and push the glutes outwards. From this position, perform ten squats. It's important to keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

  1.   Shoulder press

The second exercise is aimed at improving biceps. To do this, hold the weights horizontally, with the arms forming a right angle. Then, simultaneously flex the forearms until the dumbbells touch the chest, and repeat. It's recommended to lean the back slightly backward during the descent.

  1.   Dumbbell row

This time, we focus on the traditional row. The idea is to work each arm independently, so it's advisable to alternate arms throughout the exercise: while one works, the other supports. The key is to maintain a ninety-degree angle with the elbows, keep the back straight, and not relax the abdomen.

  1.   Stiff Legged Deadlift

Or in other words: performing deadlifts while keeping the legs straight and firm. This exercise is designed to combine hip movement with the effort of the weight and the position of the back, which should not bend at any time. A slight knee bend will allow for more powerful lifts.   In short, a dumbbell routine designed to work muscle groups in practically all areas of the body. Just forty total minutes a day will be more than enough to shed off the weight of Christmas. Don't have dumbbells to do this routine yet? Get them in our online store!

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