The glutes rank first on the list of the most desired muscles in the human body. If you want to tone this part of your body correctly and with noticeable results, don't worry! At Salter, we have created a glute routine for women and men that will help you achieve rock-solid glutes.

Our Glute Routine for Women and Men

Did you know that you should do at least 15 sets of various glute training exercises for optimal results? Yes, you can help yourself by dividing this number into the total exercises you do in the week and, of course, combining them with your regular exercises. Width-Enhancing Exercises Squats The squat is known to have been part of glute training routines for a long time. Adding a barbell and weight also makes it a strength exercise widely accepted in sports. The muscles worked with this exercise are the quadriceps, glutes, and erector spinae muscles. Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions, always maintaining proper foot and back posture. Romanian Deadlift with Barbell Many claim that the Romanian deadlift is the exercise that works the most muscles in the body simultaneously, making it ideal for working the glutes and hamstrings. Do 2 sets of 12 repetitions with weight or barbell according to your abilities. Activating Exercise Hip Thrust This is one of the most specific exercises for working the glutes. It tones both the gluteus maximus and medius, as well as the quadriceps and lower back. An essential part of your glute routine. Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions with weight or barbell according to your abilities. Combine with horizontal pulling exercises. Muscle Growth or Pumping Exercise Lateral Leg Raises These are simple exercises for anyone to practice, focusing directly on glute growth and hip stretching. They can be done using gym machines, resistance bands, or body weight. One of the exercises for working the abductors in your glute routine is Frog Pumps. Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions. The correct way to work the glutes is to start with width-enhancing or full-stretch exercises such as squats, then move on to muscle-activating exercises, and finish with muscle-pumping exercises like abductions. Follow our tips, and always try to alternate exercises when doing a glute training routine so you don't get bored and can see results in the short term. Until next time!

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