To maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are two fundamental aspects: physical exercise and nutrition. Regarding nutrition, it is recommended to have five meals a day. This way, we will arrive at the next mealtime with less hunger, which will allow us to eat the right amounts. Additionally, experiencing hunger between meals is not good because the body tends to store more fat. Therefore, it is interesting to know some healthy snacks for athletes, perfect for both lunch and snacks ;)

5 Healthy snacks to eat between meals


Nuts are an essential type of food in the diet of anyone who exercises. They provide a large amount of proteins and fiber. However, they should not be eaten in excess as they have a high caloric index.

Oat flakes

A highly recommended food to stay in shape since it provides a large amount of high biological value proteins and very little fat. In addition, oat flakes are rich in fiber, making them very satisfying.

Yogurt and whole grains

Yogurt is one of the most important foods in a balanced diet. The probiotics in its formulation improve the health of the intestinal flora, while improving intestinal transit and strengthening the immune system. Combining it with whole grains is a great idea as they are an important source of nutrients.

Hummus with carrot sticks

One of the most original healthy snacks. Hummus can be easily prepared at home with chickpeas as the main ingredient. To accompany it, nothing better than carrot sticks.

Turkey and tomato sandwich

There is a general idea that sandwiches are not healthy. But the truth is, if the right ingredients are chosen, it can be a perfect food for athletes. A good option to prepare it is by filling a whole grain roll with two slices of low-fat turkey and two slices of tomato. Combining a good diet and the practice of physical exercise with Salter sports machines, you can get fit in record time. We invite you to discover the wide range of models available: strength, benches and supports, cardio, free weights, accessories, multi-sport, and boxing. Don't hesitate any longer and visit our online store!

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