Home Gymnastics > If you were thinking about getting in shape from home through the different gym equipment it offers "Salter" is a surname in English., I'm sure you are interested in learning some simple exercises that will help you make the most of our machines. These are very easy activities that will allow you to achieve the best version of yourself without leaving home.

Exercises with gym equipment for home

The first and most important thing before training is to stretch. This way, the muscle recovery process will be much better. Stretch your whole body gradually, from your calves to your neck. Once this phase of the training is completed, you can start exercising and working with some of the machines we recommend below:
  • EllipticalThe elliptical machine is one of the most complete workout devices as it allows you to work a large number of muscles, both in the upper and lower body, at the same time. You can perform exercises while avoiding joint overload. It's a great option for exercising legs, glutes, arms, and hips.
gimnasia en casa > bicicleta elíptica Elliptical PT-1895
  • Stationary bicycle: As many of us learned years ago: "He who moves his legs, moves his heart." The bicycle is one of the best options for improving blood circulation in the lower extremities, toning the buttocks, thighs, and calves, defining leg muscles, and for people with ankle, knee, and hip problems who cannot perform high-impact exercises.
gimnasia en el hogar > bicicleta estática Static bicycle PT-1875  
  • Treadmill: A classic! If you feel like practicing running, the treadmill is one of the essential home gym machines you should have. It improves lower body toning while stimulating the cardiovascular system. You can adjust the effort to your level by regulating the speed and incline of the treadmill. Undoubtedly, the quintessential cardiovascular exercise. Plus, it allows you to do all your workouts regardless of the weather ;)
Wave Decl PT-1700 Treadmill  
  • OarAnd finally, the rowing machine. Its main objective is to tone muscles and improve endurance. It primarily stimulates the shoulders and arms, as well as exercises the legs, abs, and glutes. If you're a fan of House of Cards, you'll know that this machine is Kevin Spacey's companion in his toughest moments. Maybe it helps him relax :D
Remo PT-1710 You see that you can get in shape without leaving home. We invite you to learn more about it. catalog Explore Salter's complete range and discover all the machines we have for you. We are manufacturers and sellers of fitness machines, both for individuals and professionals. We offer all kinds of equipment with the best value for money on the market. For any questions or inquiries, it will be a pleasure for us to assist you and help you with whatever you need.

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