It is precisely the abdomen area that is one of the most complicated to exercise in the whole body. It requires very specific exercises, which must be performed correctly to avoid neck injuries. Therefore, the abdominal machine becomes an extraordinary investment that allows you to perform abdominal exercises correctly with much less effort than those required on the floor. The most important thing when using this type of machine is that it has the proper support so that the spine does not suffer, and also has good resistance for the exercise to be truly effective. ### Abdominals: Machine or Floor? Exercises to work the abdominal muscles are among the most controversial. Some argue that the best way to work this muscle group is with an abdominal machine, while others suggest that the floor is a better option. It is important to note that machines allow for controlled movements, as well as targeting the specific area of the abdomen that needs improvement. They also offer the possibility to add or remove weights, thus regulating the intensity of the exercise. Depending on which part of the abdominals we want to work on, one machine may be more suitable than another. Similarly, the best abdominal machines can be used in different ways to work the abdominals to a greater or lesser extent. ### Choosing an Abdominal Machine #### 1. Crunch Machine for Effective Abdominals You can find this machine in all gyms and it is one of the most commonly used abdominal machines because it is easy to work with. It is important to tighten the abdomen well, especially if you do not want to injure your back by concentrating the traction on it. #### 2. Abdominal Bench On the bench, you can also work the lower abdominals by positioning your body towards the opposite side, so that your hands grab the part where the legs are hooked and simply lift both legs together to a 45-degree angle to work the area. This exercise is very tough and can be made even tougher if you manage to hold a dumbbell between your legs or have ankle weights available. #### 3. Pulleys It is another great way to work the abs at the gym. With the pulleys, you can exercise the abs in countless ways, especially the obliques. #### 4. Accessories In addition to machines, in the gym, there is a lot of equipment available to work your abs. For example, with the fitball or the abslider from Salter. If you want to have a toned and well-defined abdomen, we invite you to check out the catalog of abdominal machines from Salter. We are an online store where you can find all kinds of fitness machines, both for individuals and gyms.

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