It is precisely in the abdomen where most fat accumulates, in both men and women. There are several reasons why this happens. One of the most common reasons is the lack of exercise, as well as an inadequate diet with a high content of carbohydrates and fats. Sometimes abdominal fat also accumulates due to poor hormonal regulation. If you are wondering how to lose abdominal fat, there are a series of very simple exercises that can help you. A very important aspect when losing weight is to maintain muscle mass intact. If you simply count the calories lost, it is true that you will lose many kilos, but a large part of them will be from muscles. The result? Flabbiness in areas like the abdomen and legs.

3 tips to lose abdominal fat

These are the main guidelines to remember to lose abdominal fat.
  1. Hydration and diet: one of the most important aspects to say goodbye to accumulated fat in the abdomen has to do with diet and hydration. It is important to drink between two and two liters of water daily. Regarding diet, the best foods are fruits and vegetables, preferably seasonal ones.
  2. Exercise: as for physical exercise, there is a popular belief that doing sit-ups is the most beneficial for losing abdominal fat. But it is not. It must be clear that everyone has abs, but sometimes they are not visible due to the amount of fat on top of them. Therefore, an appropriate exercise plan does not only consist of doing sit-ups, but it must be much more complete.
  3. Get enough sleep: poor sleep quality is one of the main risk factors for obesity. It should be noted that sleep regulates endocrine function, thus maintaining the correct balance between the hunger hormone and satiety. So, when there is a lack of it, appetite and cortisol levels, the stress hormone, increase.
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