Indoor cycling, more popularly known as spinning, is one of the most practiced physical activities today. It is generally done collectively, in guided sessions. These are the main guidelines to remember to make your sessions with the indoor bike truly beneficial.


Just like when practicing any other physical activity, posture plays a very important role in preventing injuries. The saddle should be positioned so that the knee is in the same vertical line as the area of the toes. The best position for the handlebar is at the same height as the saddle. However, if you are a beginner in this sport, place it a little higher so that the first sessions are not so uncomfortable.


Of course, warming up is essential. Ideally, dedicate between 10 and 15 minutes to warm-up.


To get the most out of indoor cycling, music plays an important role. However, it is important to remember that it is only a way to accompany the exercise. Choose a playlist that suits your tastes, and start pedaling!

Rest Days

Spinning is a high-intensity sports activity. Therefore, it is not recommended to practice it daily. Remember that the body also needs rest.


Finally, during the sessions, it is important to control the intervals. The last 5 minutes should be done at low intensity to accelerate the recovery of both muscles and joints. Once the class is over, you can dedicate an extra 10 minutes to do some core exercises, such as abs. If you also want to enjoy the benefits of spinning, at Salter we offer you the best indoor bikes, of the highest quality available and equipped with the latest market technologies ;)

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