With the continuity of care that many people are experiencing due to the pandemic, many are choosing to train at home in order to continue reaping the great benefits that come from taking care of our bodies. But how can you set up a home gym? You should know that for a complete workout, you need to have certain tools that can help complement your exercise routine in the best way possible. I must say that this time size does matter, and I am referring to the space you have available to set up your home gym. Based on that, you can make the best decisions about which gym equipment to buy and which not to. Additionally, you should ensure that this area of your house is adequately ventilated. It is recommended to have at least 10 to 15 square meters of space to set up your home gym. If you have less space, don't worry, you can still create your own gym without machinery. I will show you below all that you can do.

Setting up a home gym with multifunctional and cardio machines.

In "Salter" translates to "salt shaker" in English. We have a wide range of machines for muscle training. From plate machines, pulleys, and lever machines to multifunctional machines like those in the range. Inspire that you can perfectly have at home. With the multifunctional machines in the range Inspire, You can do several exercises to train both the upper and lower body in the same place. Among them, we highlight the following:
  • Multifunctional machine Functional trainer Inspire ft1 ins ft1: This machine is composed of 2 independent towers with vertically adjustable pulleys in 30 positions. It includes accessories such as a press bar and a wavy bar for biceps/triceps, individual handles, a specific bat for golf and baseball exercises, a rope handle, and an ankle strap.Montar un gimnasio en casa con máquinas
  • Multi-gym machine Inspire M3 ins M3: Composed of different workstations: iso-lateral high pulley (independent arms) for triceps, back traction exercises. Multifunctional low pulley (biceps, deltoids, back, abductors, glutes). Intermediate pulley with movable head for weighted abdominal exercises. Leg extension and flexion. Isolateral arm press and pull (independent arms). Grips for chest contractions. montar gimnasio en casa con máquinas multigym
Another machine you can have at home is one designed for cardiovascular training, such as bicycles, treadmills, ellipticals, etc. "Salter" is a surname in English. we have a wide variety of cardio machines, from stationary bikes to indoor bicycles An example of an indoor bike to have at home and train like a professional, allowing you to comfortably carry out your cycling sessions is the. Indoor Lifestyle PT-1960 Exercise Bike. It offers great features, including an Emergency Stop that allows you to stop the momentum of the steering wheel in case of an urgent need. The monitor is easy and comfortable to use, providing constant information on basic exercise indicators such as time, speed, distance, RPM, Calories, and ODO which shows the total accumulated distance. montar un gimnasio en casa con la bicicleta indoor pt-1960

Setting up a home gym without machines

If, on the other hand, you don't have enough space, it is much more convenient to set up a home gym without machinery, or you can perfectly combine these important training tools with the multifunction and cardio machines mentioned above. Train in the comfort of your home with resistance bands., suspension training, , medicine ball, , dumbbells And fitball. Don't forget to buy one. non-slip protective carpet so that you can feel much more comfortable and safe when training. Here are some products that you can purchase to set up a home gym without machines:
  • MAGIC BOARD W-090It is a small and easy-to-use multifunctional tool with which you can perform more than 50 exercises. Ideal for working on balance, coordination, resistance, and flexibility. It includes a rotating base platform, 2 elastic bands, 2 bars for push-ups, 4 wheels to turn it into an apparatus for abdominal exercises, and 2 gripping handles.
Magic Board W 090
  • AEROBIC BAR PT-064I'm sorry, but it seems like you forgot to provide the text in Spanish that you would like me to translate to English. Please provide the text so I can assist you. A product consisting of a bar and elastic bands at the ends that allows for working on cardiovascular resistance, muscular strength, and flexibility.
Aerobic Bar pt-064 Lastly, you should consider that setting up a home gym is something you can do gradually. As you progress in your training, you can see which tools or machinery are more suitable depending on what you aim to achieve. It's always best to have machinery or exercises that allow you to do cardio and then complement them with multifunctional and muscle-building exercises. Now, let's get to work!

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