Take your mat, get comfortable and pay attention to this blog post because if you want to learn how to meditate, we are going to give you some tips to do it. Although it may seem simple, meditation requires some keys to do it correctly. So, let's start by defining what it is and what it is for. ## What is meditation? Meditation is a simple way to reduce the stress of everyday life. Learning to meditate is the best medicine to take a break and find your inner peace. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is considered a type of complementary medicine that affects the mind and body. It is a good way to escape from routine. ## What is the purpose? The ultimate goal is to disappear, for a while, from the stress that routine can generate. Some of the benefits of meditation are: - Facing stress - Eliminating negative emotions - Increasing self-awareness - Focusing on the moment and escaping - Increasing your patience and tolerance ![Outdoor meditation](/img/cms/Blog/2021/08/Aprende-a-meditar-346x232.jpg) ## Learn to meditate in a few minutes ### You need... - Mat or [mat](https://www.salter.es/es/mas-productos/103785-y-5460-colchoneta.html) - Comfortable and flexible clothing - Ample space without obstacles - Inspiration and time! ### Do you have everything? Time is very important in meditation because if you practice it knowing that you have a meeting in twenty minutes, you will not achieve the goal of this discipline. 1. Find a slot in your schedule: 15 minutes daily are enough. 2. Prepare an inspiring environment. You can use candles, dim and low lights, relaxing music... 3. Adopt a comfortable and upright posture that truly helps you in meditation. 4. Relax and focus only on meditating. Clearing your mind is not easy, but you will achieve it with time. ### The best meditation techniques When you read the word "meditation," you probably immediately think of yoga. It is true that yoga is the discipline that best defines it, and it is very easy to [do yoga at home](https://www.salter.es/hacer-yoga-en-casa/), but there are other practices you can try and end up enjoying with the help of professionals. Buddhism is a good example of this. We couldn't say which of the two practices is better for meditation because it depends on each person and their preferences. Learn to meditate with these keys and share your experience with us.

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