Going for a run, going to the gym, doing yoga, joining a team sport... there are many options we have to exercise our body and get into the Fitness world. Do you find it hard to choose a specific sport? Don't worry, in this week's article we talk about multi-sport and the advantages it offers. It is proven that working on different sports modalities brings us many more benefits than dedicating ourselves to just one thing!


By combining various sports, the workload is distributed and the body is worked out as a whole, contributing to less localized stress and better compensation for it. A person who goes running daily each week is much more likely to get injured than someone who combines running with other activities. This way, we will avoid overloading a single area of our body and reduce the risk of getting hurt.


By varying our range of Fitness exercises, we strengthen our body in a more balanced and general way than by only working locally on the muscles involved in a specific exercise. Besides the cardiovascular benefits, this will also help activate metabolism and facilitate staying in shape and at a suitable weight.


With multi-sport, the knowledge we gain through sports multiplies, as well as the understanding of our own body and the involvement of each exercise. As we practice a sport, usually our passion for it grows; curiosity grows, knowledge of techniques grows, we learn better tools to practice it, in short, we learn everything that is essential to perform the exercise correctly without exceeding limits and maintaining optimal health. The more sports we are passionate about, the more sports knowledge we will have!


Exercising with company is always much more fun, and with multi-sport the chances of meeting people to share it with multiply. Getting into different sports helps meet more like-minded people to share excursions, routes, challenges, and transform life towards a healthier, fun, and enjoyable model. You will enjoy sports as if it were a social activity! For exercise to become a pleasure and not an obligation, it is essential to have a wide range of options. If you want to make exercise your lifestyle, multi-sport is the ideal alternative. Even with little time and without leaving home, you can opt for sports variety with one of our machines; the MAGIC BOARD multifunction by SALTER. With different options, you can exercise the part of the body you prefer, combine different activities, and enjoy almost all the advantages of multi-sport.

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