The push-pull routine is considered one of the most commonly used in the bodybuilding world. It is based on the strategy of grouping synergistic muscles in the same workout, that is, those muscles that contribute to the execution of complex movements, including pushing and pulling. Among the main advantages of the push-pull routine is that it is ideal for gaining muscle mass and increasing strength, shortening training times, and promoting muscle recovery between each exercise session. An example of a push-pull routine schedule would be as follows: Monday: Push exercises Tuesday: Pull exercises Wednesday: Legs Thursday: Push exercises Friday: Pull exercises Saturday: Legs Here are some exercises that are part of the push-pull routine:

Push Exercises:

Push exercises for chest

There are many push exercises for the chest that you can do at the gym or in the comfort of your home (as long as you have the necessary space and equipment to do them). If your goals include defining and increasing the muscle mass of your pectorals, you should do chest push exercises, which will also help increase your overall strength. It is important to know that the pectorals are divided into the muscles of the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. Therefore, each type of exercise you do will be focused on one of these muscles, or all of them as a whole. Among the main push exercises for the chest are:
  • Bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Paralelas Parallel
  • Decline press
  • Pulley openings
  • Push-ups
  • Sweater

Shoulder press exercise

We all know that having well-defined and muscular shoulders is physically attractive, but that's not the only benefit you'll get from increasing your muscle mass in this important part of the body, as you'll also boost your strength and prevent injuries. Let's take a look at the main shoulder push exercises you can do at home (important to have weights or dumbbells) or at the gym:
  • Military press
  • Lateral raises
  • Reverse flyes
  • Arnold Press
  • Face pull
  • Front raises

Triceps pushdown exercise

If you want to look strong and very well defined musculature, you should know that the triceps (a set of three posterior arm muscles) are larger than the biceps and also contribute much more visually, so you should always make room for them in your exercise routine. You should combine pushing exercises for triceps from different angles so that you can work them together and comprehensively. Here are the main exercises to help you achieve attractive triceps:
  • Extensions
  • Rope extensions
  • Funds in a bank or in parallel bars
  • Close grip bench press
  • Dumbbell extensions

Pull exercises:

Pull exercises for the back

The back includes different muscle groups, including those of the posterior thorax, the posterior neck region, the vertebral canal, and those of the suboccipital triangle. We all know that a large and strong back is achieved with back pull exercises, to achieve that desired "V" shape that captures all the attention. Here are the main exercises you should include in your routine:
  • Pull-ups
  • Deadlift
  • Rowing with low pulley/bar/bellows
  • Pull to the chest
  • Rowing
  • Pull over

Pull exercises for the trapezius.

This is an important superficial muscle that practically occupies the center of the spine on both sides and goes from the skull to the last thoracic vertebra. When consistently working with pull exercises for the trapezius, this muscle stands out and is distinguished from the rest of the muscles, as you will noticeably increase its muscle volume and therefore your strength. Below are the main exercises you can perform inside or outside the gym:
  • Shoulder shrug
  • Farmer's walk
  • Row to the neck
  • Deadlift

Pull exercises for biceps

The biceps are one of the most trained arm muscles; when well worked out, they stand out from the rest of the physique of this part of the body, giving you much more strength and support in everything you do. It is important to know that pull exercises for the biceps are effective as long as you do them correctly; muscle volume increase will be gradual and not overnight, so you should not overdo it with the weight or training to avoid injuries. The best exercises to increase biceps are:
  • Barbell bicep curls
  • Hammer curl
  • Incline bench bicep curls
  • Supine pull-ups
To perform the pull-push routine, it is recommended to have previous experience training, as well as knowing the technique of the exercises and executing them correctly in order to avoid possible injuries. If you are interested in doing a pull-push routine, consult with a personal trainer.

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