The Black Week at Salter has arrived! From this Friday, November 18th until the 28th, you can purchase various items at incredible prices to comfortably train at home and prepare for the holidays. You'll find everything from cardio machines to different accessories.


Salter's Black Week Products

To start, here are 3 cardio machines at very good prices: the T-40 Treadmill, which can reach a speed of 18km/h and has a 15% incline; the PT-1735 Elliptical with 17 resistance levels; the PT-1730 Bike with an electromagnetic brake that ensures smooth, quiet, and maintenance-free operation, and finally, the Wave Deck PT-1700 Treadmill, which stands out for its patented cushioning system that prevents harmful impacts on the joints.

On the other hand, you have various sports accessories: a resistance set, another set of three resistance bands, a speed jump rope for cardiovascular activity, high parallel bars, a suspension set to train the whole body in one place, push-up bars, and a squat rack.

In addition to these accessories, there are also Kettlebells in different weights, ranging from 4 kg to 32 kg, a perfect tool for various exercises and full-body training.

For boxing enthusiasts, during this Salter Black Week you can equip yourself with two types of gloves, training gloves made of artificial PVC leather available in two colors (blue and black) and boxing gloves with gel protection on the knuckles available in sizes L, M, and XL. Also, you have a filled boxing bag made of premium synthetic leather.

You have until November 28th to get all the necessary equipment to train at home. Seize the opportunity!

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