It is also possible to achieve powerful results without weightlifting machines.

This is the certainty that the so-called suspension training leaves us, which proposes routines based on using the athlete's own body weight to work with intensity on different muscle groups.

This is a modality that It is done using elastic bands designed to keep the body partially suspended in each of the exercises..  

entrenamiento en suspensión en el hogar

Suspension training at home. Why do it?

This type of training It is designed so that anyone can carry it out without any limitation., and one of its great features is precisely the high level of adaptability it encompasses.

If we add to this the ease with which it can be put into practice, there are no excuses to continue delaying getting in shape. Specifically, in addition to the bands, it is only necessary to have a space of just four square meters and a door anchor that facilitates suspension.

One of the advantages This is evidently the saving money on materials. The user does not need to invest in any other equipment other than the elastic bands, so it is also not necessary to enroll in a gym in search of muscle-building machinery, dumbbells, or any other exercise tool.

Just knowing how to leverage the weight of your own body is enough to achieve great results.

Benefits of suspension training at home

The results of training like this are not only observable at a glance, but also contain a wealth of internal health benefits. An example of this can be seen in the increase in strength.

Suspension work causes the core, which is the center from which all effort originates, to remain active for longer and with greater intensity..

With that increase in strength, the athlete has more physical resources to gain endurance and toning, which are the two main objectives to pursue.

The effort generated in each routine results in an increase in muscle mass, always staying within the limits of a definition far from excess. When exercises are carried out through the maximum number of repetitions possible and with relatively short rest periods, two direct advantages are obtained: good cardiovascular performance and a pronounced calorie burn.

Exercises to train the entire body

To get the most out of suspension training at home, we have prepared a varied routine of very useful exercises to define the different muscle groups.

Mountain climbers

In this first exercise, we position ourselves in a plank position with arms extended and the insteps placed on the straps. From there, we alternately bring each knee to the chest. This strengthens the abdominal muscles.

entrenamiento en suspensión en casa

Bench press

With this exercise, we are going to work on our triceps and pectoral muscles. Stand in front of the straps, move your feet about a meter away from them, place your hands, and start doing push-ups while trying to achieve the highest level of parallelism possible with the ground.


In this case, we are going to work on the quadriceps. We stand with our backs to the bands and place our hands on them until they are positioned at chest level. Next, we lean slightly forward and run in place, bringing the knees as close as possible to the body.


Entrenamiento en suspensión

Single-leg squat

This is an exercise that should be done facing the bands with hands holding onto them. The next step is to do squats with one leg extended without touching the ground. It is important to keep the back straight. Ideal for working the glutes.

Entrenamiento en suspensión

Squat with opening

Once again, we place both feet on the ground, secure our hands on the straps, and lean the back backwards. From this position, we must push the legs as much as possible, trying to make the flexion very powerful while also opening the arms to the sides of the body until forming a "T". If you want to do suspension training at home, then. "Salter" is a surname in English. We have the material you need.

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