If there's one thing we've learned this year, it's to Exercising at home. Creating a routine during the 2020 lockdown has become essential to stay in shape and not lose passion for sports. A success in sales has been exercise bikes, occupying the first place in the home fitness machines ranking. Surely you have gotten used to exercising at home and have found advantages in it. Therefore, today we want to recommend you the 4 best stationary bikes for home This is not a complete sentence. Could you please provide more context or clarify what you would like me to translate? our online store.  
  1. Bicycle PT-1620

A classic when it comes to bicycles at home. It is ideal for small spaces, so it fits well in any type of home. It has multiple settings that allow adjusting the working position to the needs of each user. It has a magnetic brake system that not only It offers high quality to the exercise, but it also allows for smooth and silent work. If you are just starting out in the world of stationary bicycles, the PT-1620 is made for you. Bicicleta estática PT-1620  
  1. Bicycle PT-1715

The PT-1715 stationary bike fits in any space thanks to its small size. It is one of the most practical due to its dimensions and the great possibilities it offers. to exercise in the most complete way. You can train in either manual mode or in one of the preset programs. You just have to choose the training profile and its intensity. There is also the User Program option that offers you the possibility to design your own training program. Bicicleta estática PT-1715  
  1. Recumbent bike XT-529

This recumbent stationary bike is designed to offer the greatest comfort and functionality. This is about a Easy-to-use bicycle suitable for all types of users., Whether you are just starting out in sports or are a high-performance athlete. It is not only a good option for exercising at home, but also in hotels or residential communities with their own gym. Bicicleta estática XT-529  
  1. Bicycle B6

For top-level athletes and demanding with their physical exercise. The users who engage high-intensity workouts Can you complete these exercises with the B6 bicycle? "Salter" is a surname in English.. It is designed for spaces prepared for a high level of use. This machine features "una" translates to "one" or "a" in English. LED screen high contrast that facilitates reading of the indicators during the workout. The monitor has a tablet holder and storage space for you to keep your belongings while exercising. Bicicleta estática B6   Have you already made space in your living room for the... stationary bicycle What suits you best? Choose your favorite and get it.. The best stationary bikes for home available to everyone.

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