If you are thinking of doing cardiovascular activity sessions at home, a good option is to buy an indoor cycling bike. In this article, we will show you the best indoor cycling bikes to have at home and what the difference is between these and stationary bikes.  

Indoor bike or stationary bike?

The main difference between these two types of bicycles is that the stationary bike is mainly used for cardiovascular activity, while indoor bikes are used for a training that combines cardiovascular activity and strength (they simulate a racing bike). On the other hand, another difference is the flywheel. In a stationary bike, the flywheel stops when we stop pedaling, whereas in a spinning bike it doesn't work that way. When you stop pedaling, the flywheel continues spinning at the same pace. ritmo.Con With an indoor bicycle, you can always maintain the pace of the exercise and the pedaling is more intense, exerting force to push down and pull up the pedal with each stroke. In indoor cycling bikes, the adjustment between the seat and the handlebars provides greater efficiency as it gives us more positional alternatives and, therefore, a more complete workout. Additionally, the resistance is higher to be able to perform standing pedaling exercises. All of this allows us to maximize fat burning and involve a greater number of muscles in the exercise. On the other hand, in stationary bikes, it is not possible to adjust the distance between the seat and the handlebars, so we can only pedal while seated.  

5 indoor bikes for training at home

Next, we are going to show you some indoor bicycles so you can train like a professional and comfortably do your cycling sessions at home:   INDOOR LIFESTYLE PT-1690 EXERCISE BIKE With a reinforced steel frame, this bicycle offers great performance so you can achieve maximum results in your sessions. The seat is ergonomic and can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to achieve the optimal position. The brake system is magnetic and the PK5 rubber belt transmission provides smooth and silent operation. Additionally, since there is no friction, it requires no maintenance. It has an emergency stop and a monitor that provides constant information on basic indicators such as RPM, speed, distance, calories, etc. Finally, it has stabilizers on the base and wheels for easy movement. Dimensions: 112x132x52 cm. Weight: 44 kg. Maximum user weight: 130 kg. Bicicleta Indoor Lifestyle PT 1690   INDOOR BIKE IRACER PT-1790  The indoor bike iracer PT-1790 It has a friction brake system. Thanks to the 8-position sequential brake lever, you can adjust the intensity of the exercise according to the type of training you want to do. Both the ergonomic seat and the handlebar can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. The flywheel of this indoor bicycle weighs 18kg and the transmission is through a rubber belt, these features ensure a smooth and fluid movement. Finally, the monitor features a wireless monitoring system (5kHz radiofrequency) that allows for comfortable heart rate monitoring during high-intensity exercises. This exercise bike offers wheels for easy transportation and levelers at the base. Dimensions: 142 x 52 x 130 cm. Weight: 47 kg. Maximum user weight: 130 kg. Bicicleta Indoor PT 1790   Indoor Bicycle M-040  This bicycle with rust protection is for professional use and has a reinforced steel frame, a magnetic brake system with direct action emergency stop, and a 20kg flywheel made of steel and aluminum. The handlebar and seat of the _____ Indoor bike M-040 They are characterized by their aluminum seatposts with micro-adjustment, both horizontally and vertically. Among its great features, we highlight the bottom bracket and flywheel axis with heat treatment hardening, SKF 6004 bearings, and dual-function SPD pedals with ultra-resistant Cr-Mo steel axles. Maximum user weight: 130 kg. - Weight: 56 kg. - Dimensions: 133x48x127 cm   Indoor Bike K4 M-060 If you want to train at a professional level Indoor Bike K4 M-060 It is the best option. This bicycle has a reinforced oval tube frame, it features a 32-position magnetic brake system with an emergency stop function, and both the handlebar and the seat have aluminum seatposts with micro horizontal and vertical adjustment, as well as position indicators. On the other hand, you will be able to analyze at all times and undergo professional training thanks to its display with indicators for Pulse, Average Speed, Speed, RPM, Average RPM, Time, Calories, Distance, Watts, and brake level indicator (32 positions). Finally, this bicycle has a 20 mm Cr-Mo steel bottom bracket axle and inertia flywheel axle with heat treatment hardening; in addition, it features SKF 6004 bearings and dual-function pedals with ultra-resistant Cr-Mo steel axles. Bicicleta_indoor_k4_M_060   If your goal is to do an intense cardio workout, we definitely recommend indoor bicycles. But if you are a beginner and want to have your first experience with indoor bikes, you should choose a stationary bike for home use. "Salter" is a surname in English. We have a wide range of indoor and stationary bicycles.  

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