If you are one of those who aim to exercise at least twice a week, you still have time to meet your goal. It's Friday and we are going to help you achieve it! It doesn't matter if you're at home or traveling, because we are going to talk about The best strength exercises to practice anywhere. Do you dare to try it?  

What is strength training?

As the name indicates, strength is paramount in this training. Their goal is to gain strength.. It is a good way to Exercise different muscle groups in a short amount of time and anywhere.. Can you help yourself with sports equipment So that the training is more productive and you can practice more strength exercises with different parts of the body.  

What is the key in strength training?

Above all, to know What weights are you going to use and what is your ability with them?. It is better to use a lighter weight and be able to repeat the exercise several times than to strain yourself with a heavier weight that only allows you to do one repetition. It is important to know how to take breaks between repetitions. to ensure recovery between them and that the training be completely effective.  

Strength training routine: where to start

At this point in the reading, you may be wondering how to start training for strength anywhere. Take note of this example workout routine:
  1. Bench press

It is the main exercise to work the upper body. and in a simple way. Its main muscle is the chest, followed by the triceps and finishing with the shoulders. To do this exercise, you will need to have a bank And one. barra -> bar Whose weight will depend on your resistance.  
  1. Squats

A classic exercise that we always mention, and for good reason! Squats are essential in your strength training routine. This way, You will exercise the lower body.. Also, you don't need any materials to do them.  
  1. Pull-ups

Along with the first exercise, bench press, pull-ups are added to the upper body training. It will be essential to have a structure To perform them. Place them wherever you prefer and start climbing up using your arms.  
  1. Deadlift

If you have a barra -> bar To perform bench press, you can also take advantage of it for the exercise of... deadlift. It is also possible perform deadlifts with dumbbells, Did you know? Just choose the weight that fits your physical characteristics and needs. There are many exercises you can do with dumbbells! Have you tried it yet? In a few weeks, You can start to see results. If you do the strength training correctly. Tell us what you think about it!

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