We start the month of May by setting our sights on summer. In just a few weeks, we will have entered the hottest season of the year, and probably the one where we show off our bodies the most. The "bikini operation" perfectly defines its meaning. It refers to the physical and dietary preparation we subject our bodies to for the summer. We leave behind the Christmas meals, the Easter customs, and welcome the summer season with an ideal routine to prepare your body for summer. 1. **Burpees** - The famous burpees are perfect fat burners. It involves squatting down, placing your hands on the ground, getting into a plank position, squatting, and finally jumping up while raising your hands. 2. **Squats** - If you have dumbbells, grab them and place them at shoulder height while doing squats. When rising, raise your arms with the dumbbells. The most important thing about this exercise is to try not to destabilize and control the movement. Of course, it can also be done without dumbbells. 3. **Jump Rope** - Jumping rope may not seem like it, but it is one of the best exercises to prepare your body for summer. It is important to do it correctly: keep your feet together in an upright position, trying to keep your neck and head in a straight line with the spine. 4. **Abdominals** - Abdominals are great allies for the "bikini operation". Although you can do the classic ones, we explain another way to work the abdomen while taking care of your neck. Lie on your back with your legs bent and feet on the floor. Then, alternate stretching and bending your legs until your heels touch the ground. You can also raise your legs straight up, with your glutes up and engaging your core. These are just some of the best exercises to prepare your body for summer. What would you add to this workout?

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