The medicine ball has key health benefits. It emerged as a therapeutic element in the 1950s and, since then, its use has remained the same. Over the years, the exercises performed with the medicine ball have evolved thanks to the versatility it offers. They differ in diameter and, more importantly, in weight. Their weight ranges from 1 kg to 10 kg. The main benefits of the medicine ball are the following five, although there are many more:
  1. Improves coordination
  2. Aids in balance
  3. Tones muscles
  4. Corrects posture
  5. Prevents and rehabilitates injuries
There are different exercises you can do to enjoy these great health benefits. Let's see some examples:
  1. Medicine ball squat throw

In a squat position, leaning against the wall, throw the medicine ball up and catch it on its way down.
  1. The famous push-ups

These are the classic push-ups, but with a little twist. We stretch out on the floor to do the push-up and place one hand on the medicine ball. We pass it from one hand to the other.
  1. Trunk rotations

Sitting on the floor with legs semi-flexed in front of the torso. We hold the medicine ball with our arms extended and twist the trunk from side to side, alternately.
  1. Plank with medicine ball

We stretch out our whole body, supporting ourselves with our arms on the floor and our legs on the medicine ball, precisely on the tips of our feet. And now... hold the plank position!
  1. The classic squat

Classic, but with a distinguishing element: the medicine ball. It involves doing squats while holding the ball in front of our face and intermittently throwing it up. At Salter, we have the X-101 medicine ball weighing 1 kg. You can get it and start enjoying the main benefits of the medicine ball in our online store.

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