You don't need to go to the gym to strengthen your back, you can perfectly train your back at home without any equipment or with equipment such as backpacks, water jugs, dumbbells, etc. Training your back is important to strengthen it in order to stabilize and support the body, pelvis, maintain proper body posture, etc. In this article, we show you which exercises you can do to train your back at home with or without equipment.

Training your back at home without equipment

Below, we will show a series of exercises that you can include in your back training routine to do at home that can be done without any additional equipment or weight other than your own body. It is recommended to use a mat for added comfort. 1-Superman: In this exercise, the muscles of the lower back are worked. Imitating the superhero when he flies, you should lie face down to perform a lumbar extension, lifting your arms and legs simultaneously, holding this position for a few seconds (5"). Take a deep breath before each lift. 2-Supine push-ups: This exercise focuses on the muscles of the middle and upper back. They are a type of push-up done in an inverted manner, meaning lying on your back, supporting your back on the floor with your legs bent. Place your arms perpendicular to your body with the elbows bent at 90 degrees and the hands up, from this position push your body up by pushing with your elbows to lift your shoulders off the floor and then lower back down. 3-Scapular push-ups: Ideal for widening the torso and working the muscles of the upper back. You should lie face down in the same starting position as for regular push-ups. However, you will only work the scapulae, lowering and raising them while keeping your arms straight and firm. 4-Swimmers: An exercise focused on the lower back, you should lie face down. This movement involves lying face down and lifting one leg at the same time as the opposite arm and holding the position for 5 seconds, then rest and start with the other leg and arm.

Training your back at home with weights

If you have equipment at home, such as dumbbells, a water jug, or a backpack, you can do these 2 exercises: 1-One-arm row with a water jug or backpack: Ideal for strengthening shoulders and the middle and upper back. Perform the rowing movement with a water jug or other weight/dumbbell, you can do it with one arm alternating or with both arms at the same time. 2-Farmer's walk with water jugs or backpacks: This exercise trains practically all the muscles of the body, therefore also involving those of the back by stabilizing the entire spinal column. Lift the water jugs or backpack from the floor with your back straight, chest up, and shoulder blades in a neutral position, while taking short steps. 3-Renegade Row with dumbbells: This exercise requires skill and correct execution, working the muscles of the middle and upper back. To perform it, start from a plank position with arms extended (as if you were going to do push-ups), with slightly apart legs and the weights placed shoulder-width apart. Keeping your body straight, perform the push-up lowering in a controlled manner and with your shoulders parallel to the floor, then raise and lift one weight without twisting your body. Remember that consistency and discipline are the foundation for any goal. If you want to strengthen the muscles in this area of ​​the body, with this series of exercises you will get the most out of training your back at home, your satisfaction will be the results. Remember that in our online store you can equip yourself with the best fitness equipment to train at home.

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