We all want to have an admirable body when the heat starts and we begin to go to the beach, or simply tan in a park in the middle of the city without fear of having a few extra pounds.

The "bikini operation" tells us that training should start as soon as the cold weather starts to fade, which is a way of fooling ourselves. Because what we couldn't achieve during the rest of the year, we won't accomplish in just two months.

Personal trainers, as well as fitness and nutrition experts, emphasize the great importance of training continuously throughout the year. This way, we won't be making the mistake of the bikini operation, but rather we will be doing appropriate training to look good during the summer.

The perfect combination is consistency, a healthy diet, and adequate rest. Let's see below what we should do to keep our body truly fit and greet summer with a smile.

The bikini operation is worked on throughout the year


  • Incentivize yourself by going to the gym or training with other people: Perhaps during the winter season, you feel a bit demotivated to do physical training. The best way to get in shape is by motivating ourselves with other people. In this case, the gym is a great ally, where you can work together with a personal trainer or with other people who motivate you to do continuous training.


  • Opt for high-intensity exercises or HIIT: This way, you will burn fat more quickly, giving your training a higher level of intensity. Also, you can gradually increase the weights as you see results. Try to do at least two or three HIIT sessions per week.

  • Never skip cardio exercise: If you want to look sculpted and toned for the summer, don't forget the importance of doing cardio exercise. Try to take walks of at least 20 minutes or occasionally substitute the car for the bike. It is also a way to stay healthy all the time.

  • A healthy training culture starts at the table: We must be consistent in our goal of having the body we desire for the summer, but it is useless to apply the bikini operation if we start a diet as soon as the temperatures start to rise. Experts point out the damage that the body suffers when calories and macronutrients are drastically reduced in our diet.

It is better to have the habit of a healthy diet throughout the year. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce excessive sweets, fats, alcohol, and processed foods in general.

Staying fit should be a lifestyle, it is never too late to start training no matter the season we are in, this way, we will pass the bikini test successfully.

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