Have you ever heard of the "Zero Training" method? It is a method created by Japanese trainers that promises to improve your workouts. Zero Training was created by Tomomi Ishimura, an actress and yoga teacher who is aware that by keeping the body and mind in balance, many physical pains can be avoided and the body can be toned.

What is Zero Training?

Tomomi Ishimura explains in her book how over time, bad habits and poor posture make one increasingly sedentary and lazy, fat accumulates in the body, and losing weight becomes more difficult. That is why she has developed this method, in which through five minutes of daily breathing exercises and stretches, she assures that our body can return to its initial position, the "Zero" position. This method can be followed by anyone interested in well-being through sports, not just beginners in the fitness world. How to do Zero Training? The exercises and stretches are done on the floor, and you can use a mat if you prefer. Posture is really important when toning muscles, so the exercises focus mainly on the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and feet. According to Tomomi Ishimura, only five minutes a day are needed to carry out this practice. The training starts lying on your back and you will perform six simple exercises; five of them are stretches and the last one is focused on toning. You can see some exercises on her Instagram account. The zero posture Ishimura states that the Zero posture is the one that helps us burn fat and achieve a better body position. What would this ideal posture look like? - Neck: Vertical from the back of the head to the shoulders, with the shoulders directly below the ears. - Shoulders: Arms directly below the ears, with fingers pointing towards the thighs. - Back: Vertical from the back of the head to the neck. - Hips: Abdomen tucked in, without excessive forward tilt at the hips. - Toes: Toes separated with feet properly arched. The mind also must be in a Zero posture To achieve perfect harmony between body and mind, it is not enough to relax the body. In our daily lives, we experience situations that put our minds under tension and can lead to mental exhaustion. That is why we must also release our minds from stress and anxiety to reach a state of calm. This may be the most challenging part for some. In Ishimura's book, she states that by reaching the zero posture and improving the body's condition, we will also relax the mind. Another way to achieve that calmness can be through introspection. At Salter, we want you to find the training method that brings you the most well-being. You can find your mat here to practice these stretches (and many more).

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