After the closure of sports facilities imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, conditions are being evaluated to reopen gyms following a series of precautions to be followed by both the owners of the economic activity and their users. This new phase that began on May 25 starts to evaluate different conditions to ensure the proper functioning of gyms and the rules that provide for sanitary safety for everyone. This is part of the transition plan that the country is currently going through. In this article, we will discuss the conditions established by the Official State Gazette (BOE) for the reopening of sports facilities, as reported in article 42 of chapter IX of the order SND/414/20202 which details the conditions to be followed.

Rules to Follow to Open Sports Facilities and Gyms in Phase 2

1- Number of people inside the gym: 30% capacity The BOE first prioritizes the number of people who can be inside the sports facility, which represents a maximum of 30% of people, both during access and during sports practices. This will be controlled through a system that establishments must install in order to avoid overcrowding inside the gym. This measure applies to anyone who wishes to engage in a sports practice, considering this rule for any sports facility covered regardless of whether it is located in a closed or open area, has a roof, and is intended for sports practice. Among the conditions for reopening gyms, it is established that sports practices must be carried out individually or by a maximum of two people, always avoiding physical contact, for cases where it is required. Additionally, access to a trainer will be allowed if necessary. 2- Cleaning and changing rooms: Respecting the provisions in this section will apply in this phase 2 to sports centers regulated in article 42 of the Order SND 399/2020, of May 9, changing rooms can be used respecting the general prevention and hygiene measures indicated by the authorities. Strict rules of social distancing are established, thus reducing the number of people who can be inside these spaces. Regarding the cleaning of sports facilities, the gym areas must be constantly disinfected, especially the common areas after each shift. At the end of the day, the sports facility must be cleaned, reducing the presence of personnel to the minimum necessary to properly provide the service. The facility owners must enforce the rules set by the Ministry of Health, thus ensuring the common well-being. 3- Protection and prevention for employees: Among the conditions for the reopening of gyms, the hygiene and prevention measures for the employees of these sports facilities are also included (Article 4). Therefore, both employees and the owner of the economic activity must adhere to the measures mentioned in this article to ensure the common well-being. Workers must have water and soap or hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants registered by the Ministry of Health available. In case the interpersonal safety distance (2 meters) cannot be guaranteed, protective equipment must be provided, and workers must be trained and informed about its correct use. Fingerprint signing should be replaced by another control system that guarantees hygienic measures or the device must be disinfected before and after each use. Lastly, it is important for each person to maintain a serious sense of responsibility from their respective standpoint, whether as a user or employee of the gym/sports facility. Always exercising common sense to avoid overcrowding and physical contact. Additionally, if a worker were to show symptoms compatible with the disease, they must immediately notify the number provided by the corresponding health center, put on a mask, and leave their workplace as soon as possible until they receive the corresponding medical clearance. For more information, you can consult the conditions for the reopening of sports facilities and gyms in phase 2 in the BOE, in chapter IX of the order SND/414/20202 dated May 16, article 42.

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