As manufacturers of gym machines, we are very clear about the needs of our customers, which is why we manufacture machines that adapt to the day-to-day demands of their business. We not only seek the best solution for fitness professionals but also for all those who love sports and want to have their own training area at home. With this goal in mind, Salter offers different lines of gym machines tailored to the end customer.

What makes our gym machines special?

For fitness professionals, we offer special ranges such as: Essence, a series of machines that stand out for their careful and elegant design. High-quality materials have been used in their manufacturing. In addition, in this line, we have taken into account certain highly demanded features that make Essence a very special gym machine.

Its ergonomics has been a top priority in order to accommodate the greatest number of users and achieve the correct working position for each exercise. Another fundamental feature is functionality, as all machines include explanatory pictograms about the exercises that can be performed there, as well as a QR code providing free access to a descriptive exercise video showing the various machine adjustments for the correct working position. Technology is not only part of our daily lives through mobile phones or tablets but has also reached the fitness world to stay and improve our workouts in a didactic and effective way. Finally, safety is another key point in a line like Essence. That is why we design all gym machines with preventive measures such as guards so that all users can use them safely, focusing only on performing their exercises.

Special services for your gym machines

In addition to these features, we also offer customization services for our Essence gym machines. Being manufacturers allows us to offer exclusive solutions to our customers. We understand how important their brand image is to them. Therefore, we offer exclusive details that give each project its own identity. Additionally, if you have any questions or issues, we offer technical support worldwide. We supply original spare parts, and with our preventive maintenance service, your facility will always be in optimal condition. If you want to discover our full range of products for professionals, visit our website and see everything that Salter can do for your project.

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