When establishing a workout routine, wall bars are a must-have piece of equipment. The reason is simple: they allow you to train your whole body with minimal impact. One of the main advantages of wall bars is their versatility, as you can perform any type of movement on them. The horizontal bars allow you to choose the desired height for your routines and even attach other additional equipment for support. Above all, wall bars serve as an anchor. They allow you to train alone and achieve optimal stability in each and every exercise. You can work on all parts of the body: abs, legs, calves, back, and more.

The best wall bars from Salter

Of course, for the training to be truly effective and to achieve your set goals, it is important to choose a quality wall bar. At Salter, we offer a wide catalog of wall bars to achieve unique results. One of our flagship products is the N-370 Wall Bar, measuring 240 cm in height x 96 cm in width. It is made with top-quality materials and features a metal side frame with wooden bars arranged horizontally. Designed for both professional and home use. Exercises on wall bars:
  • Lower body stretch: To stretch the lower body on wall bars, start by facing away from the wall bars. Then, bend one leg at the knee and place your foot against one of the bars. Keep your body straight, facing forward, while holding the leg in the initial position for a few seconds.
  • Back stretch: To stretch your back, stand facing the wall bars. Then, grab one of the bars with both hands. Shift your body weight backward, so both arms are fully extended. Hold the position for a few seconds and slowly return to the initial position.

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