Create your own functional structure with our functional cages.

In "Salter" is a surname in English. We propose a system of modular configurationWhich allows adapting the functional structure to the availability of space and budget. With our modular system, the functional structure can grow as needed. By adding more modules and combining the different available accessories, we can adapt the structure to the needs of each moment, offering users greater training possibilities.

Salter's functional cages.

Our functional cages stand out for their great performance. The reinforcements in their structure provide great strength and stability to the whole set. Below, we show you the different functional cages we have available for you to equip your gym. Basic module: Jaula funcional modulo básicoThe functional cage of the basic module F-1022 has a reinforced 3mm steel frame. With it, you can perform suspension and pull-up exercises thanks to its upper grips. Additionally, it also has horizontal bars and vertical posts with 24 adjustable positions. Free Module:   Jaula funcional módulo libre You can complement the basic functional module with multiple accessories, which allow you to maximize performance and increase training possibilities. You can easily and comfortably configure your functional structure, always adapting to the available space. Mural structure: Jaula funcional estructura muralBridge structure: Jaula funcional estructura puenteOur functional cages They allow multiple options. The top connectors allow joining several cages with the aim of achieving a functional training structure as complete as desired and adapted to the available space. Combined structure: Jaula funcional estructura combinadaDo you want to increase job opportunities? Add a set of pulleys to the functional structure in an easy and convenient way in order to optimize the available space. Structure on Island: Jaula Funcional estructura islaThe island structure allows for group training sessions, as well as multiple exercises thanks to the available accessories.

Accessories for functional cages

To further optimize your functional structure, we have various accessories that will complement the structure according to your needs, such as different types of supports, target, platform, stage, etc. Accesorios para jaulas funcionales If you want to equip your gym with functional cages, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 933 720 300 sending an email to Our sales team will study, without any commitment, the proposal that best suits your space and budget needs.

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