If you are someone who wants to show a slim and toned figure, do not overlook leg press training, which is also a great ally when it comes to strengthening and improving your gluteal area. It is ideal for strengthening the lower limbs, which is why this fitness machine is generally considered essential in basic leg strengthening exercises. It is a complementary exercise to squats, but more complete and effective without a doubt. It is also an accessible exercise for almost all gym users.

What muscles will you work with the leg press?

Anatomically, you will work the following parts of your lower limbs with the leg press: Hip extension (through the gluteal area), knees, and ankles. When working the leg press with the "knee dominant" technique, the focus is on the quadriceps, as the knee joint will cover a greater range of motion compared to the hip joint. In this case, the feet should be positioned low on the platform. Conversely, when the work is on the "hip dominant" technique, the tension shifts to the hip extensors, so the hamstrings and glutes are more involved, and you work by placing your feet high on the platform.

Difference between inclined and horizontal leg press machines

There are different types of leg press machines, among which we can highlight the horizontal and vertical leg press. Both are widely used in the fitness world, as they provide great benefits for strength and toning. - Horizontal leg press: It is undoubtedly the most used in gyms and rehabilitation centers. The exercise is performed while seated, with the fixed point being the platform where the user rests their feet, and the moving point being the back that moves along a horizontal path. Many people generally use it with a preloaded weight stack to conveniently select the load to use. - Inclined leg press: As the name suggests, you work out on an incline, increasing the range of motion and therefore the tension of the exercise. In addition, almost all leg muscle groups are worked in the inclined leg press, starting with the glutes, followed by the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. The leg press machine is perfect for working the lower body muscles. If you want to equip your gym with a leg press, whether inclined and/or horizontal, you can find them of the best quality at Salter.

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