After three months of confinement, gyms have reopened in phases 2 and 3. The BOE published the order SND/458/2020, which defines the rules that will govern sports facilities and gyms in phase 3. Here at Salter, we will provide you with a summary of the established regulations in order to know the measures that must be followed in sports centers and gyms in phase 3. ## Measures to Open Sports Centers and Gyms in Phase 3 Article 33 defines the relaxation of measures related to the opening of outdoor sports facilities, indoor facilities, and sports centers. - In point number 1, outdoor sports facilities established in article 41 of Order SND/399/2020, May 9, can carry out group activities of up to 20 people without physical contact, as long as the occupancy does not exceed 50% of the maximum allowed capacity. Also, in point number 2, the same is allowed for sports centers and facilities established in articles 42 of Order SND/399/2020, May 16, and article 42 of Order SND/414/2020, May 16. - Point number 3 of article 33 establishes maintaining a safety distance of 2 meters whenever possible. - Point 4 establishes that prior appointment is not required. - Point 5 states that changing rooms and showers can be used. It sets a maximum occupancy of 1 person for spaces up to 4m². If the area exceeds 4 square meters, the maximum occupancy will be 50% of the number of cabins and urinals in the room, and a safety distance of 2 meters must be maintained. If a person requires assistance, one companion may be allowed. Just like in phase 2, sports centers and gyms in phase 3 require users and workers to wear masks. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be available to them. These are the measures that sports centers and gyms must comply with in phase 3. For more information, refer to the order SND/458/2020.

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