This innovative tool used in fitness has become a potential mechanism for toning the body. Those who perform exercise routines with the medicine ball can progressively increase the weight, repetitions, and time of each exercise frequency. The medicine ball is widely used in gyms, it is a very effective tool that comes in different sizes and weights, ranging from the lighter ones of 3 and 5 Kg, to the heavier ones of 10 and 12 Kg. Its main function is to provide instability to the body, so that we must make more functional effort and therefore tone the muscles we want to highlight. It is worth mentioning that each person can buy a medicine ball according to the weight they require, especially for the type of routine they want to implement. Let's see below how we can use it and make the most of it.

5 Medicine Ball Exercises

1- Squat with medicine ball overhead: Ideal for increasing stability and core strength. Place your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, the medicine ball above your head, start by lowering slowly bending your knees, pushing your glutes back, then rise by engaging your core. 2- Abdominal crunch with a 5Kg medicine ball: We will use a mat or floor base, lying on our back with arms extended on each side of the body, legs bent, and the ball held in between them. The exercise consists of lifting the legs up to the abdomen, toning this part of the body. 3- Push-ups with the medicine ball: Again lying on a mat or floor base, we begin to perform a series of push-ups with the ball in each arm. By alternating the ball from one arm to the other for each push-up, the difficulty increases, and thus we make more muscular effort. 4- Rotating lunge: Hold the ball with both hands overhead, take a big step forward bending both knees at the same time, the back knee should be bent up to 90 degrees. When you lunge, twist your torso towards the leg you have in front. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. 5- Planks with medicine ball: In this medicine ball exercise routine, we have different alternatives. We can place the ball in the middle holding it with the legs or in the arms centering it in front of the chest. The difficulty will increase significantly, intensifying the muscular work even more. You can perform these exercises in a circuit, or include them in your training. Additionally, you can train with medicine balls at home or in the gym.

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