If you are setting up a home gym, surely one of the main questions you have is the type of equipment you need to incorporate. Well, Olympic bars are one of the basic accessories in any gym. Unlike training with various machines, exercises with bars are performed in a total of three dimensions: vertically, horizontally, and backwards. There are many advantages to training with Olympic bars that are worth highlighting.
  • Firstly, you work all the muscles in your body since you have to balance the weight while lifting.
  • Secondly, these bars allow you to reach very high training intensities, maximizing strength.
However, to enjoy all the benefits that Olympic bars offer, it is necessary to have quality accessories.

The best Olympic bars, professional quality

In the Salter catalog, we can offer you professional quality Olympic bars for your workouts. One of our star products is the D-248 women's Olympic bar. Made of stainless steel, it measures 201 centimeters in length and 50 mm in diameter. The weight of the bar is 15 kilos and the fasteners weigh 2.5 kilos each. salter women's Olympic bar We can also offer you a set of Olympic bar fasteners which consists of a total of 2 units, 50 mm in diameter. The weight is 2.5 kilos per unit. OLYMPIC FASTENERS 50 MM. D-252 At Salter , we are manufacturers with over 50 years of experience and in our online store, you can find all kinds of gym machines and accessories, both for individuals and companies. Our philosophy is to optimally merge technology and design so that our customers can achieve the best performance in their workouts.

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