If you need or want to buy Olympic weight plates, we offer you some simple tips to select and buy the ones that best suit your tastes or needs. Let's start from the beginning, what are Olympic weight plates? They are also known worldwide for being used with Olympic bars and are essential for practicing free weightlifting, such as Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, and weightlifting. They can be made of cast iron, concrete, or polyurethane (like the ones offered by Salter), usually intended for competition. Their weights can range from 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 35, to 45 kg. These should be used initially under supervision to gradually progress to heavier weights. The official dimensions of this accessory are regulated by the International Weightlifting Federation. They have been designed to perform exercises with greater safety and comfort.

Olympic Weight Plates for Weightlifting and CrossFit

CrossFit is closely related to weightlifting, so these two sports are strongly linked. Weightlifting is an Olympic sport based on both physical and mental strength. Therefore, having the right Olympic weight plates is essential for enthusiasts of this discipline. It is advisable that the Olympic weight plates be made of rubber, as during CrossFit, the bars are often dropped to the floor, so you can rest assured as this material will not be damaged.

Where to Buy Olympic Weight Plates?

At Salter, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and products for enthusiasts of "free weights" training, including Olympic Weight Plates (made of polyurethane), bars, and dumbbells. These are necessary for both beginners and Olympic athletes. Olympic-weight-plate-25kgYou can visit our website, where you will find bars and weight plates to start your training now, always under the supervision of an expert. Among the Olympic weight plates offered by Salter are: You can always count on the assistance of an expert who will advise you on the appropriate training to start, and if you are already a professional in free weightlifting, you can rely on the quality of each of our products and accessories.

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