When we think about doing cardiovascular activity, we usually use the elliptical, stationary bike, or treadmill... What about the rowing machine? The rowing machine simulates the action of rowing, an exercise that combines a pulling and pushing movement. Therefore, we engage in a Strength and Endurance activity on the horizontal plane. If you are someone who seeks to exercise by combining cardio and toning functions, you are probably tempted to try a rowing machine. Next, we will talk about the multiple benefits of training with a rowing machine.

Benefits of a rowing machine

Full Body Workout A workout with a rowing machine combines the effort required by the upper body muscles to pull and the pushing movement performed by the lower body muscles. You train and strengthen the upper body, as rowing exercises the shoulders, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi. Additionally, muscles like biceps, chest, and abs also participate because you need to maintain strong control over the oars. It works the lower body. Fans of these machines use them mainly for the benefits they provide to this particular part of the body. This is because it involves the major muscles of the legs and glutes. Calorie Burning Rowing is one of the best exercises for burning calories. By working a large number of muscles in both the lower and upper body, you achieve a good cardiovascular workout, involving the consumption of a significant number of calories. Additionally, rowing machines are a significant contributor to your overall health. It should be noted that these machines help considerably in weight loss, generate greater endurance, and help you have a stronger immune system. Low Joint Impact Rowing is a low-impact joint exercise. Compared to activities like running and jumping (which have a high joint impact), doing a workout on a rowing machine is perfect for doing cardiovascular activity without harming the joints.

Salter's rowing machines

- PT-1710 Rowing Machine: Salter offers us this sophisticated rowing machine for home use. It features a magnetic brake system, 5 kg inertia wheel, 8 resistance levels, telemetry heart rate monitoring system (belt not included), and a monitor with scan functions, displaying time, calories, counter, distance, and RPM. Plus, it is perfectly foldable. - AIR ERGO M-360 Rowing Machine: This machine is designed for high-intensity or HIIT workouts. It has an air and magnetic resistance system, and its inertia wheel is designed to enhance the feeling of fluidity and smoothness. It has 12 resistance levels, a large backlit LCD console, adjustable and oscillating footrests to help achieve a natural foot movement. Its anatomical seat allows you to maintain proper posture during exercise. It is a professional-grade machine, with a reinforced aluminum structure and wheels for easy transportation. As you can see, using a rowing machine is an excellent option for exercising. If you want to have a good cardiovascular session while working on your muscle toning, don't hesitate to train with a rowing machine from Salter.

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