Salter Cloud

A cloud ecosystem developed entirely
by SALTER's IT engineers and designers in Barcelona.

It consists of a digital platform that connects the new lines of smart equipment,
both strength and cardio equipment for the commercial and home fitness ranges.

The platform has 2 access profiles:

Gym profile

for fitness centres

User profile

for fitness users
Gym profile

Through Salter Cloud, the sports facility will have all the
information regarding the use of its machines
in the room,
which will be of vital importance when making decisions
regarding gym management and how to get the most out of it.

You will also get a range of services that will help to build customer loyalty.

 Up-to-the-minute status of the machines

 Have a messenger service:
Internal:  Send promotions or announcements to users.
External: Direct communication with SALTER in case of incident.

●  Add the gym's logo on the home screen of the machines

●  Track complete machine
usage statistics
(How long the machine was used, the age and gender
of those who used it, what type of exercise they trained, etc).

 View software versions
and update them remotely

 View a list of clients

These are our Salter Cloud compatible lines:
Essence Connect and Fenx.

Both commercial lines have been
designed to withstand the most
intense use in gyms and sports centres.

Strength machines
Cardio equipment

Interested in purchasing Salter Cloud
compatible equipment?

User profile

Login in on any equipment compatible with Salter Cloud, will allow users to save the results of their workouts so that they can later visualise and analyse them through highly intuitive comparative graphs both on their mobile and on the web.

You can also manually add outdoor workouts,
training sessions on other machines, weight data with smart scales,
body measurements in centimetres, etc.

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