In the fitness and resistance training sector, the... Lever machines or free weight machines They are especially recommended in the initial phases of it as they provide the user with security and control during the journey. [caption id="attachment_88051" align="aligncenter" width="840"]máquinas de palanca Seated Leg Press[/caption] On the other hand, the exercises with free weight machines (Bars, dumbbells, or weight plates) offer great workout alternatives for individuals with some experience in strength training as they require greater control, body stabilization, and management of potential imbalances. The perfect combination between security and intense training It is represented by the Palm Machinesankle and free weight. These are sturdy devices with rotating axes that allow them to emulate the natural rotational movement of our joints, which we refer to as "convergent movement", In other words, every joint movement describes an arc through an articulation that serves as the axis of rotation. Lever machines guide the movement in a stable and safe manner, allowing for the use of heavy loads without the risk of injury. [caption id="attachment_88066" align="aligncenter" width="840"]máquinas de palanca Incline bench press (chest and torso)[/caption]

SALTER and the Lever Machines or Free Weight Machines

SALTER has developed a wide range of Lever machines, with a biomechanical design perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the users. It allows to obtain maximum performance while maintaining movement functionality, with independent lever arms that allow for bilateral or unilateral training. In other words, exercises can be performed on one side, on both sides simultaneously or alternately, with a solid and resistant structure to train with heavy loads and strong accelerations, focusing on improving muscular power, an essential quality for increasing sports performance. [caption id="attachment_88054" align="aligncenter" width="840"]máquinas de palanca Knee extension (Leg Extension, front part of the thigh)[/caption] Among the main advantages What these types of training devices offer us, from Salter we want to highlight:
  • The range of motion It describes the lever that, along with mechanical adjustments, allows exercises to be adapted to the specific and individual needs of each athlete.
  • The ergonomic design that has been present in the development of each and every one of the models with the aim of minimizing the risk of injury, achieving maximum performance, and ensuring the safety of being able to perform guided free weight exercises.
[caption id="attachment_88057" align="aligncenter" width="840"]máquinas de palanca Knee flexion lying down (Leg Curl, back of the thigh)[/caption] The wide range of lever or free weight machines from SALTER allows you to perform the main Exercises for the upper extremities for pulling and pressing movements. to train the pectoral muscles, dorsal muscles, deltoids, rhomboids, scapular waist, trapezius muscles, spine and arms, as well as Knee extension and knee curls To strengthen quadriceps and hamstrings mainly. [caption id="attachment_88060" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Chest press (pectoral muscles, torso)[/caption] Without a doubt, we consider training to be bodybuilding using the lever machines as one of the most important for our health, if not the most important, and lever machines will allow us to obtain our results safely and with guarantees. [caption id="attachment_88063" align="aligncenter" width="840"]máquina de palanca Seated row (back and dorsal)[/caption] Do not hesitate, SALTER takes care of you and helps you achieve your challenges. Trust in SALTER, a safe bet.

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